2012-03-30 - Matrix, Bochum

March 30th, 2012


matrix bochum unisonic release party 2012This event is cancelled. (But you can check the information.) They organized a meet & greet but only in Hamburg (March 29th).

Unisonic will make two releases parties to promote the debut album. That parties will not consist only in listening the new album, they will also play live some stuff. It will not be a full show, a mini show, ok? Unisonic CD copies, signing sessions and a special tshirt.

Heavy!, metal.de, Rockstation Kiel & Talk-Heavy Radio will present the event.

That's the statement published by metal.de, which also will make a contest to get free tickets:

"On 29 and 30 March UNISONIC play two exclusive shows in Hamburg and Bochum, where the new album will be presented. We are pleased to present you the shows and send people to you for 3x2 for free!

To participate in the contest, you simply join your full contact details into the form below and do not forget to specify your preferred date with.The decision is final, the winner will be notified and are on their preferred date and then on the guest list of the club".

The venue Matrix, has capacidity for below 1000 people. The event will take place in the Halle 4.

Open doors at 20:00.

This is the event website.

Ticket information

Get in: Buy the new CD for 15 € and get the party for free!

- Mini-Live-Showcase!
- Signing session with all band members!
- Listen to the new album!
- Special event T-Shirt and all CD/Vinyl formats avaiblable at location!

- Ticket order Germany: Info will follow! At the moment there is no chance to order tickets in advance, but as soon as we have a connection we will let you know.

- Info for fans outside of Germany: We understand that you don't want to travel a long way ending up in front of a closed door. So we have a special service for you. If you want to join one of the release parties (only if you REALLY take part), please send an email to release-unisonic@suefish-promotion.de and leave the following info:

- Your full name
- Your complete address
- The city you want to join (Hamburg or Bochum)

Cancelled event

Due to the growing demand of promotional appearances for the debut album Unisonic, the band is sadly forced to cancel the planned release parties in Germany:

Says drummer Kosta: "We are overwhelmed and happily under pressure for the fantastic media reactions we are receiving from all over the world to the first UNISONIC album. Everybody in the band, but especially Michael and Kai, have been busy with promotion without a single day off for 4 weeks now. We have to admit that we secretly wished to receive some appreciation for our music but such a strong feedback is something much bigger than what we hoped for. We are in trouble now... having to visit many territories where we did not expect to go before. Not to mention the fact that the promotional tour all over Europe and Japan keeps the band outside the studio and the rehearsal room for quite some time now - jokes Kosta - and we don´t want to meet each other for the first time in months on stage, just a minute after we all arrive from different places in the world.

We want each and every Unisonic show to be 100% a memorable night of fun and great music where we give all we can give... so we have to cancel the parties. We are sure our fans will understand!"

Promotional poster

unisonic release party bochum hamburg 2012