2012-03-10 - Nachtfahrt Tv Bus, Hamburg

March 10th, 2012


Unisonic Nachfahrt Tv im1tvPerhaps I should not include this event as tourdate because is a promotional show, is not part of first leg of World tour, or second... but at the end is a "little" live performance, so here is.

Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen did a promotional performance in the program Nnachtfahrttv.de, of Im1Tv German Tv channel. Their visit was recorded on March 10th, 2012 (not confirmed at 100%) and it was broadcasted on June 22nd, 2012. It was shot in a Bus which was driving through the German city Hamburg meanwhile they were making this interview and the acoustic performance.

I have to say the date could be wrong, Michael and Kai did a lot of promotion in Germany that week, like the iMusic Tv which was on March 9th. They already knew German charts position (on 24th place) so it could be 1-2 weeks later. Anyway I think this is the most probable date but not confirmed at 100%, ok?

Here is the Nachtfahr TV statement about the show:

The old warriors and hard rockers are always relaxed guests who bring nothing of the rest! And so it is with Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske of Unisonic. The two ex-Helloween & Gamma Ray rockers talk relaxed and very amusing with presenter Natalie Langer and put two songs in the - as yet unheard of - in acoustic version.


- 'We Rise'
- 'Star Rider'
- 'Walk A Mile In My Shoes' (Elvis Presley)

Video links

Here is the video promo:

Here is the interview, divided in two parts:

Here is 'We Rise' video:

Here is 'Star Rider':

Here is a link to see the outtake video of Kiske and Kai jocking and playing an acoustic version of 'Walk A Mile In My Shoes' of Elvis Presley: click here.


One day after the broadcasting, the program through their website, they did a contest to win a signed copy of Unisonic debut album. To join in the contest you will need to answer a really complicated question about Kai/Michael musical career, the question was: "Which band Michael and Kai played together before joining Unisonic?". Also the answers were terrible complicated: "Option A: Helloween. Option B: Running Wild".