2012-03-09 - iMusic Tv GmbH Studios, Frankfurt

March 09th, 2012

Information Unisonic at iMusic TV GmbH Studios, Frankfurt 2012

imusic rocks tv unisonicPerhaps I should not include this event as tourdate because is a promotional show, is not part of first leg of World tour, or second... but at the end is a "little" live performance, so here is.

Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen did a promotional performance in iMusic TV Rocks, Channel 1. Their visit was recorded on March 9th, 2012 at iMusic Tv studios in Frankfurt.

The label earMusic/Edel published the following statement about their visit: "Kai and Michael, being interviewed by iMusic1 TV (Germany) host Uwe Lerch during current promotion tour for UNISONIC."

And the channel published a bit later: "Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske were our guests in the studio and told us everything about UNISONIC. What they have told us during the interview exactly that you see on TV this weekend, Sat 31.03. & Sun 01.04. by 23 clock to iM1 as part of our mission, and then click on our ON DEMAND section www.imusic1rocks.com."


- 'Star Rider'
- 'The Girl Of My Best Friend' (Elvis Presley)
- 'We Rise'

Better Quotes

Unisonic imusic tvSome people were asking why they are laughing before playin the song... Kiske was talking about the promotional travel to Spain and mainly about the radio appearance, he said: "First we thought it would only be radio and then there was audience. We didn't know this. It was a great atmosphere with half of them girls, I like it if there are more girls in Rock music. Also in interviews there were lots of girls and one of them we liked very much." ...Kai hugging Kiske said: "He is searching for a girlfriend, so everyone interested should send a message"... and Kiske said: "Come on stop with this...".

Kai talks about what he thought when Kiske joined Helloween in 1986, Kai said: "When I first hear Michi I thought it was great and we always wanted a singer like the big heroes Dickinson, Halford or Tate and I'm a screamer and not a singer like the mentioned ones. We wanted to have one of these singers, but I had the fear that his vocals would be too powerless and soft." Kiske interrupting: "He likes Halford"..Kai continues "..but then I saw everything coming together and it was fantastic"...Kiske adding "yes it got a little bit more commercial, since I have a more commercial voice and it's something that also girls may like."

About the song 'No One Ever Sees Me'. Kiske said: "... that terrible traditional thinking of brothers killing their sisters, because they go with the man that they love, also exists in Germany. I will never understand such a thinking." Kai says: "yeah but there are other things like boys cutting themselves, because they cannot fulfill the expectations that other put into them." Kiske ads "yes I had another verse dealing with things like this of our times. I had 3 verses, one Islamic, one Indian and one of our own culture."

Kai about 'Star Rider': " I was not so convinced first and it sounded too much like John Farnham's 'You're the Voice' and I brought a little bit the heavy edge into the song. Denis inspired me a lot with his ways delivering song ideas and I could work with these ideas. Then Mandy had a rehearsal tape with the riff of Unisonic plus the bridge and I had the chorus for Unisonic. First there were no vocals, it were more like a Deep Purple tralala, but it had a great power. The vocals came later quite easily... then we gave it to Michi and he interpreted it in his way."

Kiske about his singing technique "Yes a technique is very important too and I'm sure you can sing great throughout your whole life if you do it right. There is no reason to damage your voice within 10 active years. If I think this will be too much with touring, I will say stop, because I don't want to ruin my voice."

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