2012-02-25 - Rock Antenne Studios, Ismaning

February 25th, 2012


LH magazine radio tv unisonicPerhaps I should not include this event as tourdate because is a promotional show, is not part of first leg of World tour, or second... but at the end is a "little" live performance, so here is.

Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen did a promotional performance in Tuff Stuff program of Rock Antenne radio which is located in Ismaning near of Munich, Germany. The program was streamed on internet by their official site on March 1st at 22:00 hrs.

The real date when they recorded the program is not confirmed but they had to do it 25th or 26th, after the promotional visit to Spain.

The program consisted in an interview and they also played the song 'Star Rider' in acoustic format.

The guys in the program said they had a long talk with them but the running time was 9 minutes and a few seconds.