2012-02-21 - Casa de la Radio, Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid

February 21st, 2012


Perhaps I should not include this event as tourdate because is a promotional show, is not part of first leg of World tour, or second... but at the end is a "little" live performance, so here is.

unisonic radio 3 rtve michael kiske and kai hansen acoustic show and interviewMichael Kiske and Kai Hansen of Unisonic will make a promotional tour in Madrid organized by Top Artist Promotion, during February 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2012. In their visit, they will share with the Spanish national press everything about Ignition mini album and the full-length album Unisonic will release in March of 2012.

"El vuelo del Fénix" (Fenix's flight) radio program of RTVE (Spanish radio/television) managed by Juanma Sánchez published:

"Tuesday, February 21st 2012 at 18:30, in the studios of Radio 3, National Radio in Casa de la Radio, Prado del Rey (Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid), we will have the honor of receive the visit of Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen of Unisonic, two legends of Power Metal, they will play a few songs in acoustic and we could talk with them with public. We have 30 double invitations, if you want to assist as public, you have to send your name, surname and DNI to concursosradio3@rtve.es"

You can hear that and the song 'Unisonic' here:

On February 21st they published this statement:

"Everything is ready. We will have the visit tomorrow of Unisonic. We will do an acoustic interview with two legends of Power Metal like Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen in our studio of Musica 3, Radio National. The stands will be full with our listeners. I hope you already confirmed your assistance, the lucky ones who received the email as winners of doubles invitations and tomorrow will applaud to that Germans so nice. Are you nervous? thrill?"

After the show they published:

"We flew free together with Unisonic in an amazing afternoon. It was an honor and pleasure to receive 2 legends of power metal like Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen, they proved they are great musicians, nice and funny. On Saturday we will broadcast. Thanks to them and all the public. It was completely full. Thanks to everybody."

Besides to make an interview, Michael and Kai played two new songs in format acoustic, from the upcoming Unisonic album 'Star Rider' and 'We Rise' and Kiske also played with his ukulele a version of 'Yesterday' (The Beatles) and a piece of 'Future World'.

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The broadcast was on Saturday, 25th February at 22:00 (as always) in that program. You can hear the program here:

The program is also to download via podcast, is already available.


Here are 'Star Rider' and ' We Rise':

Here is 'Star Rider':

'We Rise':

'Yesterday' (The Beatles)

'Future World' and 'Yesterday':