2011-11-26 - Winter Masters Of Rock, Ludek Cajka Stadium, Zlin

Czech Republic
November 26th, 2011

Information Gamma Ray at Winter Masters of Rock Festival 2011

Masters of Rock 2011 Winter Festival Gamma Ray Michael KiskeMichael Kiske did another guest collaboration with the band Gamma Ray on their tour "Skeletons and Majesties".  The show took place in Czech Republic, Winter Stadium of Ludek Cajka, Zlin inside the festival Masters of Rock 2011 winter edition. Gamma Ray was the headliner of this festival.

This is the statement of Gamma Ray about this show:

"While going through all previous albums we found that there is still a ton of songs that we either never or barely played. So we decided to do a show with a total different set and revive some of these songs with our nowadays chemistry and vibe. But that's not all... while jamming around with accoustic guitars we discovered that it's actually much fun and that we have a good amount of songs that are cool to listen to as 'unplugged' versions. So these special show will consist of live un- or rarely heard stuff in full metal gear ('Skeletons') and a good choice of our most famous 'hits' in a different way (we choose to call them 'Majesties'), so here we go with Skeletons and Majesties! Attention, together with us will play also Michael Kiske!"

Tickets for WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK 2011 were on sale! In super summer price, valid till the end of August 2011, available also here!

Other bands playing in this festival are Kingdom Come, Coroner, Amon Amarth, Morbid Angel, Blowsight, Septiflesh, Necrophobic and Benighted.

Symfonia (Timo Tolkki's band) was cancelled because Timo Tolkki is in the hospital with a pneumonia.

Setlist Gamma Ray at Winter Masters of Rock 2011

01. Welcome
02. Anywhere in the Galaxy
03. Men, Martians and Machines
04. The Spirit
05. Empathy
06. Fight
07. Gamma Ray
08. Money
09. A While in Dreamland
10. Time to Break Free (with Michael Kiske)
11. Rebellion in Dreamland
12. Induction
13. Dethrone Tyranny
14. To the Metal
15. Somewhere Out in Space (incl. Kai Hansen Guitar Solo)


16. Future World (with Michael Kiske)
17. I Want Out (with Michael Kiske)

Review by Nightangel

"After Amon Amarth finished their gig almost 90% of the audience left the inner place and went upstairs. I don’t know if all of them just went for a beer and returned later, or maybe already left after Amon Amarth, since the audience was very Black Metal oriented which you could see with their Shirts. You only saw a few people with Shirts from Helloween and Gamma Ray.

Gamma Ray Michael Kiske Masters of Rock Winter festival 2011While the audience went upstairs I went the opposite direction and with some effort I could get downstairs. So for me it was a very good chance to get a good place in front of the stage. I managed to get a place in 3rd or 4th row. I didn't check my watch by that time, but I had the feeling Gamma Ray started much later than expected. When they were were almost ready, the first “Kiske, Kiske” calls appeared. First the organizer of the festival appeared again on stage and announced the band. I didn’t understand what he said in Czech language, but I heard the name “Michael Kiske” and then the intro of Gamma Ray could be heard. They started their very good show with “Anywhere in the Galaxy”. They mainly played some classics and some rare played songs. I liked very much “Money”, “Dethrone Tyranny”, “Gamma Ray” and of course “Rebellion in Dreamland”. Kais voice was in a good shape, even if he did one thing that I really dislike. During a short break, he smoked a cigarette near the speakers.

Nevertheless, then another great song despite being a ballad followed “A while in Dreamland” and I already expected Kiske during this song for another duet like in Bochum, Pratteln and Hamburg, but unfortunately, Kai sang it alone. After this song Kiske appeared from backstage and Kai introduced him for the great and a little bit underrated song “Time to Break Free” followed. Kiske seemed very relaxed and more matured than ever before. His vocal vocal performance was of course outstanding once again. He did a small mistake in the lyrics which he later criticized himself. After this performance Kai said that he will appear for more songs later. After some more great Gamma Ray tracks, Kai said this is the end of the show, but as expected they returned and gain with Kiske for the true Helloween (or better said Kaiween) classics “Future World” and for the first time with Gamma Ray “I want Out”. They did “Future World” without the singalong part which was a good decision, because most people have heard it too often and then it becomes boring. As expected the audience were most excited for these old classics.

The most funny part of the show was after the last notes of “I want Out” when Kiske went backstage and started singing an old Elvis classic “Are you Lonesome tonight”, which showed once again, he is one of the few singers (in any kind of musical style) who is something special and can surprise/motivate/move the audience. He just has that special feeling. I really hope he keeps this great mood and shows us more of this special performance the next year with more shows of Unisonic."

Nightangel photo album: http://s909.photobucket.com/albums/ac295/777Nightangel/
Heavywords.com photo album: http://www.flickr.com//photos/heavyworlds/sets/72157628206102581/show/

Videoclips Gamma Ray at Ludek Cajka Stadium, Zlin 2011

Here is 'Time To Break Free' video:

Here is a video of 'Future World', 'I Want Out' and Kiske singing 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' of Elvis:

Here are two different versions of 'I Want Out', in the first one Kiske also sang 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' of Elvis:


And here is another version of 'Future World':

Here is another version which contains: 'Time To Break Free' and 'Rebellion In Dreamland':

Venue changed

Winter Stadium Ludka Cajky Zlin Masters of Rock Festival 11 Gamma Ray Michael Kiske


Organization: "Fans interest is so huge, that we have to move this event to the bigger venue! The new venue is a Winter Stadium Ludka Cajky in ZLIN! The venue is just next the sports hall Euronics and this bigger place can offer you more space, comfortable services, better base for your whole day stay there. Outside catering and other entertainment stays as usual between both venues."

Technical support

For the first time of winter MOR edition you can expect projection screens, which will be located on the left and right side of the stage . The video for the screen will go through the video editing room, into which the signal goes from the three cameras that will capture artists and also the audience and the atmosphere at the stadium. The quality of light show will be taken care by the last shout of technique - light heads Vari Lite 3500, the strongest ligts in the world!

Festival Program

12:30                     doors open
13:30 - 14:00      Benighted
14:15 - 14:45      Nervecell
15:00 - 15:40      Septicflesh
15:55 - 16:45      Blowsight
17:05 - 18:05      Kingdom Come
18:35 - 19:45      Coroner
20:15 - 21:25      Morbid Angel
21:55 - 23:10      Amon Amarth
23:40 - 01:00      Gamma Ray + Michael Kiske

Comments about the show

Michael Kiske was answered in an interview about how did you feel playing old Helloween-era songs with Unisonic? and he answered:

"At the begining I was not sure... but I have already sung live before with Kai in Gamma Ray, where he always put down the guitar keys a little. I don't like it when you put down one or two keys, it's not the same and it sounds weird. I don't like it. So it was not so good. In Unisonic we will always keep the original keys."