2011-10-15 - Loud Park 11 Festival, Saitama Super Arena, Saitama

October 15th, 2011

Information Unisonic show at Loud Park '11, Japan

Festival hard rock & heavy metal to be held at multi-purpose indoor arena Saitama Super Arena (Saitama City, Japan) on October 15th, 2011. The festival "LOUD PARK 11".


Unisonic played at 14:55 (2:55pm). They played in the Big Rock Stage after the performance of United and before Trivium. (For around 55 minutes).

The show was filmed for Television, it will be broadcasted the next year, close to the CD release date to promote the band and the new album. It will be broadcasted by Wowow Japanese Tv Channel (Satellite), without date yet.

Mandy Meyer, Unisonic's guitarist played also with Krokus. At 13:20 h.

Festival website: http://www.loudpark.com/11

Audio Soundboard

The band, also saved the audio soundboard master to have the chance to use some stuff in future releases as bonus track or whatever.

We already know the song 'I Want Out' of this show will be used as bonus track in the Mini Album Ignition.

Setlist Unisonic Loud Park 2011 Festival

Unisonic Loud Park Festival 11 setlist01. Intro - The Ride Of The Valkyries (Richard Wagner)
02. Cross The Line (Place Vendome's 1st album)
03. Souls Alive
04. Unisonic (New song)
05. A Little Time - "Victim of Changes Version" (Kiske's PIDW & Helloween's Keeper 1)
06. My Sanctuary (New song)
07. Future world (Helloween's Keeper 1)
08. I Want Out (Helloween's Keeper 2)

Another new song it would be played: 'Never Too Late', but there was not time.


Promo poster

 Unisonic Loud Park 11 Festival Japan

Musicians comments

Kai Hansen: "That was really great cinema. It was the first time that we stood in the current line-up on stage, and it was great fun. We can hardly wait for the next gig." The plan is a headlining tour through South America and Japan in April and May 2012, immediately thereafter, the group will be on several European summer festivals. There are great things to come, especially since everything will be available then, namely the 4-track EP, the full length album, several concert dates, and above all - as the name suggests - a unique sounding new band UNISONIC!"

Review by Nightangel

Unisonic was awesome. Even if they don't want to hear this, but it was definately a metal concert.

'A Little Time' had the Priest's 'Victim Of Fate' jammin' part in the middle with the very high screaming part like they did in Sweden Rock Festival.

About the new songs: 'Unisonic' sounds very cool, is more in the Hardrockish style of Helloween (that's why I suggest it's a Kai Hansen song). The second new song; 'My Sanctuary' sounds cool too, it could be a Kiske song or another one from Mandy.

With 'Future World'  and 'I Want Out' was the time when the crowd got wild.


Video-clips Unisonic at Loud Park '11

01. 'Intro' (Wagner) & 02. 'Cross The Line':

03. 'Souls Alive':

04. 'Unisonic', a new song:

05. 'A Little Time':

06. 'My Sanctuary' another new song:

07. 'Future World':


08. 'I Want Out':

Broadcasting by Wowow

The Japanese Tv Satellite Channel Wowow Live aired a TV special program featuring Loud Park festival '11. The broadcasting was done on February 17th, at 10:45 (Japanese hour).

That TV special about Loud Park Festival 11, included the performance of only one song, the chosen one was 'Unisonic' which included comments of all members of the band as well. And here is 'Unisonic' video:

Broadcasting by Space Shower

The program Metal Fire of Japanese television Channel Space Shower Tv broadcasted a special program about Loud Park Festival 11 the past December 7th, 2011 with live footage of Whitesnake, Arch Enemy, Trivium and more bands, also backstage footages, live reports, interviews and also Judas Priest stuff filmed in the last edition of Loud Park Festival 10. 

The television also repeated the program on December15th, 2011.

They did a little interview and used a few pieces of 'Unisonic' live version:

Re-Broadcasting by Wowow TV

The Japanese Tv Satellite Channel Wowow Live was aired a TV special program featuring Loud Park festival '11. The program title is: "Loud Park Special Expanded Version". The broadcasting was on April 10th (Tuesday), at 11:00 (Japanese hour). The program was larger than the first one. About Unisonic will contain two songs: 'Unisonic' and 'I Want Out'. And here is the new: 'I Want Out':

Official merchandising

Unisonic tshirt Loud Park Festival 11