2010-12-18 - Esperantohalle, Fulda

December 18th, 2010


AVANTASIA played in Fulda, Germany on December, 18th. The next show in Essen.


01. Twisted Mind (Tobi)
02. The Scarecrow (Tobi/Jorn)
03. Promised Land (Tobi/Jorn)
04. Serpents in Paradise (Tobi/Jorn)
05. The Story Ain't Over (Tobi/Bob)
06. Reach Out For the Light (Tobi/Michi)
07. The Tower (Tobi/Michi)
08. Death is Just a Feeling (Tobi/Kai)
09. Lost in Space (Tobi/Amanda)
10. The Quest For (Tobi/Bob)
11. Runaway Train (Tobi/Bob/Jorn)
12. Dying For an Angel (Tobi/Michi)
13. Stargazers (Michi/Jorn/Oliver)
14. Farewell (Tobi/Amanda)
15. The Wicked Symphony (Tobi/Jorn/Oliver)
16. The Toy Master (Tobi/Kai)
17. Shelter From the Rain (Tobi/Michi, Kai on Guitar)
18. Avantasia (Tobi/Michi, Kai on guitar)
19. Sign of the Cross/The Seven Angels medley (everyone)

Review by Dani

After a long travel to Tobias Sammet's hometown of Fulda, I was very close to missing the show due to a delay in the flight. So unfortunately I couldn't see the first and the second songs, but at least I could hear them. During the next two songs I was trying to get a nice position in the crowd. The sound was nice. I'm always surprised with that, because the vocalists always sound a bit different live than the official recordings, the sound is more clear. Kiske voice was perfect, it seems he got better since the cold he caught in Stockholm. It's shocking how beautiful and clear his voice is in the middle-high tones, how deep and full up in low tones and how his legendary vibrato sounds. I was also impressed with Kai, because I never liked his voice on stage, but he did a great job, perhaps even better than Jon Oliva in the track "Death Is Just A Feeling" and Alice Cooper in "The Toy Master". Those songs are a perfect fit for him, not only for his voice, but he has a magnetic feeling that you can't stop looking at him. Nice performance with the cane and dancing with Tobias. The setlist was the same.

"Promised Land" and "Serpents In Paradise" were funny to sing along, they have a powerful chorus and great melodies. I liked Jorn's performance who I didn't have very good references for my previous experiences watching him with Masterplan, but he did a good show and he is funny, always putting 'faces' and warming up the audience. Then comes "The Story Ain't Over". I really loved Bob Catley performance; it was the first time I see him at stage and he was amazing. He is one of my favorite musicians, not only for the Magnum CD's, but he also did great solo albums. I paid attention to Bob because I wanted to see the funny hand-moving that Heather said in her review :) He can't stop moving!

Kiske came out for first time in the show to sing "Reach Out For The Light". Michael was dressed in a black knit cap and red leather jacket. That song perhaps has the best feeling with the audience, very easy-singing chorus, but I still think it would fit better without so many double-voices; each singer singing one part, anyway sounded nice. And here comes my favorite song "The Tower" (for me it's the "Halloween" of Avantasia), where Kiske did a great start with the "Where Do I gooooo...?". The song is a nice duet between Michael and Tobias. All high parts where made without any problem by both, even the scream of Kiske before "I realize...", it sounded more clear than in other shows. The chorus was great, the audience sang with Tobias who used a low tone and Kiske a higher tone.

"Lost In Space" had a great supporting of the audience and the next songs "In Quest For" and "Runaway Train" were another nice melodic tunes where Bob did an amazing performance. It should be very difficult to sing moving the hand like it would be on fire, ha! Michael returned on stage to sing "Dying For An Angel". I enjoyed it a lot with that song which I didn't expect because I don't like it very much on the album, but it was one of the highlights in the show. With "Stargazers" the power metal and the epic chorus came back, there was a very nice interaction between the three singers (Michael, Oli and Jorn), but Amanda was very helpful in the chorus. She fits really great with Michael's voice. Then came "Farewell", it's a nice song to sing along with the audience. Amanda was great doing the part of Sharon Den Adel and the chorus. I also missed the last part Kiske did in the album, but Tobias did a nice work there. "Shelter From The Rain" was another highlight of the show and not only to see Kai Hansen with Michael in the same stage after 22 years, that song is epic! It sounds better than the album! Michael also forgot two lines of the lyrics like he did in the fourth show in Kaufbeuren, but it was funny. Meanwhile Tobias was laughing of Kiske mistake, Oli sang one line helping Michael to continue with his part.

During the last two songs "Avantasia" and "Sign Of The Cross/The Seven Angels" Tobias made a long speech that I couldn't understand very well, my German is not so good, but he thanked people for being there, musicians, and his very well known jokes about penises... I felt happy to see Kiske relaxed in the show, joking with all of the musicians. He always looked like he was enjoying it a lot, and less shy than at the Unisonic shows; he got back the feedback on stage with the audience. I also felt that he sang very relaxed no matter the difficulty of the song, like he wasn't out of touring for the past 17 years. I'm sure he can improve even more during the next Unisonic tour.

If you missed all these shows of Avantasia, you'll still have one last chance to see them at Wacken Open Air festival in Germany on August 6th, don't lose that opportunity! Who knows when you'll have the chance to see a show like that?

Amanda Somerville videoblog