2010-12-13 - Centro de Tradições Nordestinas, Sao Paulo

December 13th, 2010


AVANTASIA played in Sao Paulo, Brazil on December, 13th. The next show in Argentina.


01. Twisted Mind (Tobi)
02. The Scarecrow (Tobi/Jorn)
03. Promised Land (Tobi/Jorn)
04. Serpents in Paradise (Tobi/Jorn)
05. The Story Ain't Over (Tobi/Bob)
06. Reach Out For the Light (Tobi/Michi)
07. The Tower (Tobi/Michi)
08. Death is Just a Feeling (Tobi/Kai)
09. Lost in Space (Tobi/Amanda)
10. The Quest For (Tobi/Bob)
11. Runaway Train (Tobi/Bob/Jorn)
12. Dying For an Angel (Tobi/Michi)
13. Stargazers (Michi/Jorn/Oliver)
14. Farewell (Tobi/Amanda)
15. The Wicked Symphony (Tobi/Jorn/Oliver)
16. The Toy Master (Tobi/Kai)
17. Shelter From the Rain (Tobi/Michi, Kai on Guitar)
18. Avantasia (Tobi/Michi, Kai on guitar)
19. Sign of the Cross/The Seven Angels medley (everyone)

Review by Nidia

Our Brazilian friend Nidia was in the eighth show at Centro de Tradições Nordestinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil and she did a review for us, here is: This was the second show of Avantasia in Sao Paulo, Brazil but the first one with Michael Kiske. On December 13th the day was cloudy but hot. In the afternoon it was raining strong, I even had fear to a show cancellation but it stopped. The show was planned to start at 20:00 but for the rain the band joined on stage at 20:30. The venue was not the right place for a rock show, it's more for Brazilian music. It was the first rock show there. The sound was fine, the stage, and the organization.

There were a lot of people who basically were there to watch Kiske on stage, I'll comment of the part of Michi in the show, I was very excited and I don't remember very well all the songs played for the band. During the first songs the crowd don't stop screaming: Kiske, Kiske Kiske. A lot of years waiting for him in our country. Before to start of the song "Reach Out For the Light", there were a lot of people with tears in their eyes waiting to see Kiske and screaming his name, it was when he came out to the stage. To hear his voice in a show it was amazing. With Tobias they made a great duet in that song. When the track ended everybody was screaming "ole ole ole Kiske Kiske". He looked excited; he said no other country was supporting him like here.

Then it started "The Tower", the beginning of that song was amazing, Kiske did a great job there, my heart almost left for my mouth. When they played "Dying For an Angel", we couldn't stop jumping. For me the best track was "Stargazers". It's a perfect song to play live. Kiske was very happy. He even climb to an iron tower of the stage. He looked to be in the older years. Then "Shelter From the Rain" was another song which made the people enjoy a lot, everybody singing the chorus with Kiske and Tobias.

Avantasia was very funny, with Kiske jumping on the stage with the other musicians, but he looked a kangaroo. At the end of the show they played "Sign of the Cross/The Seven Angels" where they did an amazing performance. It was an unforgettable night, like Kiske said: you made my comeback very easy. Here is a video of "Shelter From The Rain":

Here is "Avantasia":

Here is "The Sign Of The Cross & Seven Angels":


Here is Michael signing stuff to the fans in the hotel:

And here is singing an Elvis tune:

Amanda Somerville videoblog