2010-12-10 - Circo Volador, Mexico City

December 10th, 2010


Review by Wololo:

Avantasia’s second concert in Aztec lands was on 10 December this year in the usual site for events of Metal in Mexico, “El Circo Volador”. I arrived to the place with my girlfriend at 11:00 am just to reserve my entrance, I immediately met an old friend of mine who told me that he was there since 6:00 am to reserve his place, (on this site they give us numbered wristbands to enter the event), I quickly realized this situation and my girlfriend was assigned the number 142, while I get the 143, which predicted an attendance record at that location.

We get in line to get into the place since 18:00 hours to enter, gradually the incredible mass of people arrived. So already inside we get into a position to see the center stage, just 3 "rows" before the bay that separates the public from the bands, the atmosphere was typical of a Metal concert in Mexico, we were all too excited about the fact of seeing the Maestro Michael Kiske for the very first time in our lives, even as many people at 19:30 and was shouting "KISKE KISKE , KISKE ..." I looked into the seats that are in the top of the enclosure to realize it was a sellout, I do not know the actual capacity of the place, but I can say that attendance far exceeded the most popular bands in Mexico, like the very, very loved in Mexico and Gamma Ray.

The event began promptly at 20:30, the "setlist" unchanged from the previous events of this tour, "Twisted Mind" gave a little audio problem due to the place but Tobias and Avantasia managed this very well.

Later Jörn Lande, was warmly received during his interpretation of "The Scarecrow" along with Tobi, which was wonderful, a curious detail is that during the riff, the three singers riff (Tobi, Jörn and Somerville as she was standing as a chorister) stayed standing as in the other events, however, Jörn near the end of the riff began to move the arm and hand as if they hurt (I hope not).

Tobias started to talk Jörn about Mexico, he explained us that for the previous tour he told to Jörn and Amanda what in this country they will find an audience pretty different from what they’re used to, people began to shout "LANDE, LANDE, LANDE ... "what Jörn said," then Mexico should be The Promised Land! ".

Later we had the honor of enjoying "Serpents in Paradise" with Lande and Sammet as performers, the emotion of the people became one of its highest points, people did not stop singing, which delighted both vocalists.

Some guys distracted or anxious (including me with anxious), believed that it was Mr. Michael Kiske Time and again began to cheer his name, but rather it was Mr. Bob Catley turn that captivated Mexico City with his beautiful voice was subsequently confessed that the love was mutual, performing "The Story Ain’t Over" by Catley wish to highlight in particular the interpretation and gestures on stage, is a master when it comes to this.


And finally, the expected time came, a moment in my life and of many others attending the event, which I once believed would never come, Michael Kiske, THE VOICE in front of me on stage, "Reach Out for the Light" performed along with Tobias was the piece in question, simply one of the most epic moments in the history of Metal in Mexico.


The crowd began to cheer again Kiske "KISKE, KISKE, KISKE ..." We did so many times that he himself said he was about to fall into tears, but we insisted "KISKE, KISKE, KISKE ...", he told us that he was a sick so he needed some help, then some lights went out, the entry for "The Tower" as background sound, Michi then turned his hand to the audience to say "This is for you," simply EPIC. "The Tower" was amazing, the audience sang all the time, to the extent that Kiske just saying the last parts of each chorus "For all the Wisdom of ages Does not Die", "Find out the name of the One Who Reigns from inside "," Find out the name of the one, of the one ".

Until that absolutely amazing part arrived, Michi made luxury of his beautiful voice singing "I REALIZE".

The song ended and again all hailed THE VOICE, "KISKE, KISKE, KISKE ...."

When suddenly we heard the first notes of "Death is Just a Feeling" and nothing more and nothing less than Kai Hansen with a top hat and cane, plus bring a little straightening hair in such a way as to see a fringe of under the hat and outlined his eyebrows slightly, frankly it doesn’t matter he’s Kai Hansen, he’s a personality, despite not using his ESP guitar what he usually does in Mexico, his stage presence was majestic, sublime sang Thus, his gestures excellent, constantly fiddling with his cane with Sascha and Tobias, in perfect sync with the lyrics and melody.

It was then the turn for Mr. Hansen be hailed, "Hansen, Hansen, Hansen ..." thanked us and left to allow Tobias introduce the next tune, for which we were told that it had not been very well received by the German Metal press, which in reality we do not care either, we all knew it was "Lost in Space", I gotta say that I prefer the version where Michi sang, however, was a good piece.

Later we had Mr. Bob Catley back who performed supernally, "In Quest for" followed by "Runaway Train" in which he handled Kiske singing parts, which as a fan of Michi to me was pity, because I also love to enjoy the base notes of Mr. Michael Kiske, yet I note that Catley did great, once again with his gesticulations in the stage without missing a note, and also Jörn showing why he was chosen as replacement Ronnie James Dio tribute to Heaven And Hell. Here at the end Catley said he loved Mexico and he would come back not one, not two, not three, not four but for five times, the love between Catley and the audience was instantaneous.


"Dying for an Angel" was sounded, and once again Michigan was there to delight us, the public had not stopped singing all the parts so far and this one was no exception, Kiske seemed happy to sing with the public.


He finished this excellent piece giving space to the unmistakable intro of "Stargazers", then Oliver Hartman joined Kiske and Jörn without leaving his instrument, I must say he did too well, could not miss that Michi allowed us to sing most choirs, we could not cheer this time since he retired when he finished singing their parts.


Then we heard the beginning of "Farewell", the audience sings along to the instrumental, as in previous events in Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and Japan, Kiske did not sing the ultra-high notes that would have caused acute sea of tears in the place, a real shame, in charge of interpreting that part was Tobi himself, I personally did not like how he did it, again, personally.


The unmistakable "The Wicked Symphony" was heard, Hartman showed his talent once more, accompanied by Tobi and Jörn, the piece worked great live simply wonderful.

That way one of the most beloved guitarists in Mexico made its appearance again, Mr. Hansen performed "The Toy Master" with remarkable ease.

And then they fulfilled the dream of many Power Metal’s fans, seeing Michael Kiske sharing the stage with Kai Hansen, this with the beautiful song "Shelter From the Rain", which gave us a delicious taste, but we wanted more, Tobias asked the public if we were tired, he knows our position on these events and just wondering to hear what he wanted to hear.

People had been asking for it and finally it was the time, "Avantasia" Kai did not leave the stage, neither did Michi, and so the moment of glory was prolonged, Kiske and Hansen doing the night of our lives.


All project members were on stage ready to sing "Sign of the Cross", frankly we interrupted Tobi to praise Michi for the umpteenth time, the entire audience shouted "KISKE, KISKE, KISKE, KISKE ..." while Kai was pointing his hands to Michi, then Michi replied us getting to his knees for us, people cheered wildly, it was now turn to Hansen ... "HANSEN, HANSEN, HANSEN, HANSEN ..." Kai gave his guitar to Michi and this did the same thing, he kneel to Mexico, a magical moment.

Then something that I did not expect happened, some guys shouting "Happy, happy Halloween ..." which later became a general "HELLOWEEN, HELLOWEEN, HELLOWEEN ...", which, in my very personal point of view, did not liked much to Tobi, that’s why I want to clarify as a Mexican who attended the event, which we not did it because we prefer Helloween over Avantasia, we did it for the value that these two artists have for us.

Then "Sign of The Cross" began Tobi allowed the public to sing the complete introduction to suddenly cut the track and introduce us all the Avantasia‘s musicians in the peculiar manner he usually does, the strange thing is that Lande, Catley, Kiske and Hansen retired, which makes me think that this was not planned and Tobi just did, I remember that about Sascha Paeth, Tobias said he looked like Slash, unlike him if he could play the guitar, an important difference.

When he finished presenting all began, now for real, "Sign of The Cross", as in the rest of the tour at the middle of the song just before the part of Mr. Hansen began the beautiful chorus of "The Seven Angels".


In the end everyone left with a simultaneous reverence, except Michi who wanted to make the rest of the group laugh and did not make it simultaneously. I almost forgot to add what at the last part of the concert Kiske were wearing a Mexico’s Flag gifted by someone in the crowd, once more Kiske we love you.


Amanda Somerville videoblog