2010-12-04 - All Karthalle, Kaufbeuren

December 04th, 2010


AVANTASIA landed in Germany and they did two shows, on 3rd and 4th (December). The set list didn't change.


Review by Gabriele

The show was great, but i must say that Germany is really TOO COLD for me. During the night, from Kaufbeuren to Schwangau, where we slept, the temperature reached -15 degrees!!! Too cold for italians, we are used to the sun :)

The show began at 8.15 and ended about 22,50. The best performance for me was "Stargazers" (Oli at the beginning had a little trouble, but after that, with Jorn and Michi did a fantastic job) and "The Tower", where Michi really showed all his repertoire (the first Russel Allen part was magnificent imho). A special mention for me is "In Quest For", Bob Catley is a fantastic singer, his hot voice really emotioned me, i nearly cried, and "Runaway Train".

A fan filmed "Stargazers" (first video of that song). This clip it was shot in the fourth show, Kaufbeuren, Germany.

But, again, to see Michi and Kai share the stage, enjoing, smiling, in one big embrace was an emotion, i nearly cried for the second time! I am 38, i grew up with Keepers, only God knows how many times i closed my bedroom door and screamed "Eagle Fly Free" or "I Want Out", dreaming like every young man does!, and see these two men, in front of me, singing, playing and smiling, after all these years and what is happened, was really a dream came true, a very very big satisfaction.

Here is "Reach Out For The Light":

The other fans has said everything about the setlists and the performance. so i'll tell a few things.
I was suprised because Michi did not sing the "low" part in "Runaway Train" and the "high" part in "Farewall", sung by Bob (the first) and Tobi (the second). Maybe the answer is that Michi played a lot of parts like the Russen Allen part in "Stargazers" or the Klaus Maine part in "Dying For An Angel, where he seemed to enjoy very much, or some Tobi part in "Avantasia". At the and, i must say that the organization was nearly perfect, like German organization, not the italian ones..., the beer was good and cheap, but the problem with Kai's guitar, has been a sin, because the solo of "Shelter From The Rain" has been totally cancelled...

Curiosities, Jokes and Videoclips

During the fourth show in Kaufbeuren, Tobias, Michael and Kai were jocking, here is the video:

Nightangel, filmed that and he did a translation to English of conversation in this video:

Michi: "Kai, what has just happened?"
Kai: "There was something not ok with my guitar."
Michi: "There was something in your guitar? I must terrible piddle."
Tobi: "The toilet is on the other side, behind the audience. But we can throw you up to the audience and you can do some stagediving to reach the other side."
Michi: "No, that`s too dangerous. I’m too old for that."
Tobi: "If we do so" (kind of mask him with Kai’s jacket), no one recognizes you."
Michi: "No, No."
Tobi: "Come on do it inside of your cap. Cap, Cap, Cap (audience repeating it).
Michi: "It’s cold onstage." (Then Michi is singing "Treat Me Like A Fool" of Elvis).
Tobi: "But you can wait some more minutes?"
Michi: "But don’t make it too long."
Tobi: "No, no. Michi you can soon go piddle. I will make it very short. I will do just a very short announcement. When I started once ago…"
Tobi: "To be sincere it is something very special to listen to Michi Kiske singing onstage after such a long time… But when can now persuade him too piddle onstage, then I will get a monument from you."
Michi: "No, no, no…"
Tobi: "Kiske, Kiske " (audience repeating it).
Michi: "After 17 years of being angry, you make it very easy for me, being back on stage."
Tobi: "To be sincere I have started listening to rock music and music at all and then I once heard this guy singing. Then I was blown away and wanted to become a singer. And it’s unbelievable what this guy" (Michi turning around)"… no you… have achieved in life. It is just “the voice”!!!"
Michi: "He is just too decent. Without you writing all these songs, I would have nothing to sing tonight. These are nice songs, nice songs to sing.." (repeating it).
Tobi: "But it would not be nice, if the songs are nice and the singer is not good… The singer would not be nice. We are all very nice too each other now. But once ago the first Avantasia record you can remember, The only thing I thought is to get this guy for the record."
Michi: "You just imprudently called me. Really imprudently."
Tobi: "What dou you mean with impudently? With the Telekom, all three weeks…"
Michi: "My phone number is not registered."
Tobi: "Yeah I have your number…"
Michi: "And he didn’t give in. First I told you no."
Tobi: "Then I talked and talked…
Michi: "That’s something you are very good at (audience agreeing).
Tobi: And after some time, I got him into it and he sung on that record and now you will hear the title track (then Avantasia follows).

Here is "The Tower", with "I Reaaaaaaaalize..." and "Gabriel I can feel..." parts:

Here is "Shelter From The Rain":

The closing track, "Sign Of The Cross & Seven Angels (fourth show):

Amanda Somerville videoblog