2010-12-01 - Z7, Pratteln

December 01st, 2010


The second show of "The Metal Opera Comes To Town". It was also in Pratteln, Switzerland.

The setlist was not very different than the first one.


01. Twisted Mind (Tobi)
02. The Scarecrow (Tobi/Jorn)
03. Promised Land (Tobi/Jorn)
04. Serpents in Paradise (Tobi/Jorn)
05. The Story Ain't Over (Tobi/Bob)
06. Reach Out For the Light (Tobi/Michi)
07. The Tower (Tobi/Michi)
08. Death is Just a Feeling (Tobi/Kai)
09. Lost in Space (Tobi/Amanda)
10. The Quest For (Tobi/Bob)
11. Runaway Train (Tobi/Bob/Jorn)
12. Dying For an Angel (Tobi/Michi)
13. Stargazers (Michi/Jorn/Oliver)
14. Farewell (Tobi/Amanda)
15. The Wicked Symphony (Tobi/Jorn/Oliver)
16. The Toy Master (Tobi/Kai)
17. Shelter From the Rain (Tobi/Michi, Kai on Guitar)
18. Avantasia (Tobi/Michi, Kai on guitar)
19. Sign of the Cross/The Seven Angels medley (everyone)

Curiosities & Videoclips

Here is a video filmed by a fan where Tobias jokes accusing Michi of being a striver because he's the only one who knew the lyrics by heart when they started the rehearsals.Another video of "Reach Out For The Light":

"The Tower":

"Dying For An Angel":

"Shelter From The Rain" video:

A little video of "Avantasia":

Another little video of "Avantasia":

The video of "Sign Of The Cross & Seven Angels medley":

Amanda Somerville videoblog

About the first and the second show: