2010-07-18 - Masters of Rock Festival '10, Vizovice

Czech Republic
July 18th, 2010


On Sunday 18th, UNISONIC did their last show of the first tour in Masters Of Rock festival Vizovice, Czech Republic with bands like QUEENSRYCHE, GAMMA RAY, DORO, ACCEPT, PRIMAL FEAR, LORDI...

This is the statement from the Masters Of Rock festival about UNISONIC: Yes, yes yes. The legendary voice of HELLOWEEN - Michael Kiske announced a comeback to the concert stages. A new band around him, called UNISONIC is full of great, experienced musicians. Their first big show in June at the largest Scandinavian festival, Sweden Rock was ended by standing ovations. Kiske is in great vocal form! It was one of the the best shows of this year's Sweden Rock. In the final of Kiske´s setlist are of course also HELLOWEEN songs!


01. Cross The Line
02. I'll Be Gone - extended ending
03. Set Me Free
04. Souls Alive
05. Sign Of The Times - guitar feature
06. The Setting Sun
07. My Guardian Angel
08. Streets Of Fire
09. Kids Of The Century
10. A Little Time

Review by Brigitte

Brigitte a fan commented about the show: The whole Masters of Rock festival was a very special experience with a very hot weather during the first three days. Exactly after the end of the GAMMA RAY concert (which was also very exciting), the weather changed drastically with a lot of rain and storm. The next day the weather was quite bad with several rain showers and colder temperatures.

The meet and greet event with UNISONIC was the first highlight of the day. A lot of people were waiting for them, more than for the previous bands of that day. Sadly a grim looking security guy only allowed signing one item for every person. But I had the time to make a few pictures and Michael was in very good mood.

About one hour and half later, UNISONIC was introduced by a festival speaker, but I could not understand a word. A band introduction in English would have helped a lot, since there were many people from other countries. They entered the stage with 'Cross the Line'. Again Michael was in a very good vocal condition and especially the backing vocals were much more professional than during the small club shows. The band really enjoyed playing, even during this quite bad weather. Michael also gave the audience the chance to sing along on several tracks. A few more personal announcements in between the tracks would have been perfect, but I think the band didn't have the time to do so.

Sadly the concert was too short and the band could not even perform an additional track. The concert finished with another brilliant performance of 'A little time' with an high screaming highlight of Michael in the middle part of the song. The audience was also very enthusiastic after the concert and would have been happy with more songs. I hope to see UNISONIC soon again and in a region nearby without long travelling.

Thanks to UNISONIC for a very special experience! Fan footage of 'Cross The Line":

"Set Me Free":

Review by Isa Conar

The Polish singer Isa Conar went to that show and she sent us that comments about the show: For the first time in my life I heard Michael Kiske live. I have never heard anyone before, who has so brilliant vibrato in voice. UNISONIC compositions are very interesting. The line of vocals, always melodic and original. Songs thoughtful, well-composed and arranged. Music, which UNISONIC plays, has its own unique atmosphere and style.

Performance of Michael at Vizovice, I loved it and it left a big impression. Michael is an artist with great class and charisma. My appreciation and respect. The new song "Souls Alive":

"Sign Of Times":

"The Setting Sun":

"My Guardian Angel":

"Streets Of Fire":

The classic "Kids Of The Century":

"A Little Time":