2010-06-12 - Sweden Rock festival '10, Sölvesborg

June 12th, 2010


Yesterday Saturday 12th, just when the crowd was waiting for UNISONIC at 15:00 in front of the Rock Stage, the technic tower broke down for a storm with strong winds. "Nobody got hurt, fortunatelly" told Martin Forssman, press boss of Sölvesborg's festival. UNISONIC show was posponed a bit late.



01. Cross The Line
02. I'll Be Gone - extended ending
03. Set Me Free
04. Souls Alive
05. Sign Of The Times - guitar feature
06. Streets Of Fire
07. The Setting Sun
08. My Guardian Angel
09. Kids Of The Century
10. A Little Time

Fan footage of classic 'A Little Time':

Review by Shade

Shade a fan commented about the show: UNISONIC live yesterday was a good concert. I am happy I saw Michael Kiske again 17 years after he had not played any stage. The band played (as stated above a Place Vendome set mostly) and was solid / good. Kosta being the typical powerhouse drummer that he is, Mandy Meyer being a guitar hero (who is underrated), Dennis Ward the secret musical director and background singer ( which was ok) and it was a great pleasure to see and hear Michael Kiske back on stage!

There was a funny moment when Michael announced once the (Unisonic) album will be out, they won't be playing Place Vendome songs and Dennis looked at him like he was surprised to hear that!

The new Unisonic song (only one !) was more heavy than the Place Vendome stuff and I liked that song. Welcome back Michael, you still got it !!!

Review by Mariskalrock

An excerpt of Spanish Mariskalrock's review:

When we go to Rock Stage to see the new project of Michael Kiske, UNISONIC, we were really lucky, for strong wind, the tower in front Rock Stage suffered damages in the top, a part of the tower was flying like a comet, held only at one anchor point of the structure, it would happened a real tragedy. But it was resolved quick in one hour.

A few bands had to reduce his time for that. UNISONIC will do it well in every moment, the center of attention was the evolution and the vocal shape of Kiske, in the parts more difficult, he had to make an effort to get the registers, in the melodic registers he made it with absolute perfection. Excelent performance of a band I hope will continue.

Review by Burn Your Ears

Also a small festival report of the Unisonic concert in German Burn Your Ears Magazine:

Unisonic could start their gig with some delay. They were very confident during the concert and afterwards some rumors told, that Michael Kiske was very nervous prior to the concert. With the Pink Cream 69 members Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafiriou plus the Ex-Gotthard and Krokus guitarist he had very experienced band members on his side. Therefore nobody noticed this nervousness. Kiske played on almost every song the second guitar and finished the songs very excellent.

I would have been happy with one ore more old Helloween songs, but the songs 'Cross The Line', I'll Be Gone', 'Set Me Free', 'Souls Alive', 'Sign Of The Times', 'Streets Of Fire', 'The Setting Sun', 'My Guardian Angel' and the old 'Kids Of The Century' and 'A Little Time' are a fantastic start for a first big festival live concert of Michael Kiske after so many years.


'Kids Of The Century':

'My Guardian Angel':

'Intro & Cross The Line (Cut)':