2010-06-06 - Sonnenkeller, Balingen

June 06th, 2010



They played the same songs, but there were a few changes in the order.

01. Cross The Line
02. I'll Be Gone - extended ending
03. I Will Be Waiting - with slow down
04. Set Me Free
05. Follow Me
06. Too Late
07. 6/8 (Souls Alive)
08. Completely Breathless
09. Sign Of The Times - guitar feature
10. Streets Of Fire
11. The Setting Sun
12. My Guardian Angel
13. Kids Of The Century
14. A Little Time
15. Cross The Line (reprise)


Review by Mara

Mara, a German fan sent us a few comments about the show:

The band sounded really tight. Michael was in great shape, voice and in general. At the start he was out of tune and at some points during the gig, when his in-ear-monitor didn't work. Otherwise he nailed every tone. When he came on stage, he mentioned, that there was no space to hide but he was by no means in need to hide. Stage-acting seems natural, although he said afterwards, that he was nervous. All my concern about if he feels comfortable on stage where completely blown away. He's charismatic as ever and said, that he enjoyed the show as I did. The brand new song is titled "Souls Alive". The "6/8" is not part of the title, it means the song is not 100% finished.

The new song Souls Alive: