2010-06-05 - Live Music Hall, Mörlenbach / Weier

June 05th, 2010


Finally after 17 years out of stages, Michael Kiske returned, with the band UNISONIC with his partners Dennis Ward, Mandy Meyer and Kosta Zafiriou. They played at Live Music Hall, Mörlenbach in Germany.


01. Cross The Line (Place Vendôme 1st album)
02. I'll Be Gone - extended ending (Place Vendôme 1st album)
03. I'll Be Waiting (Place Vendôme 1st album)
04. Set Me Free (Place Vendôme's SOF)
05. My Guardian Angel (Place Vendôme's SOF)
06. Too Late (Place Vendôme 1st album)
07. 6/8 (Souls Alive) (new song, written by Mandy Meyer, very heavy Song)
08. Completly Breathless (Place Vendôme's SOF)
09. Sign Of The Times (Place Vendôme 1st album)
10. Streets of Fire (Place Vendôme's SOF)
11. The Setting Sun (Place Vendôme 1st album)
12. Follow Me (Place Vendôme's SOF)
13. Kids Of The Century (Past In Different Ways)
14. A Little Time (Past In Different Ways)
15. 6/8 (Souls Alive) (again)
16. Cross the line (again)

Review by Manuel

Manuel, a German fan sent us a few comments about the show:

It was a great show and one of the best concerts I have ever seen. To see Michael Kiske play live on stage was the best moment I ever witness in a concert hall. Two hours before the concert Michi showed up and talked about an hour with his fans. He replied all questions and was very cool.

The show started at 21:30 o'clock. Michi and the whole band seemed in a good condition and all fit well. It was very cool that Michael also played guitar. Everyone was positive surprised how great Michi's voice sounded. He is in great shape. Audience was very pleased and couldn't get enough. Though show was good I think it was the right decision to do some warm up shows.

Videoclips new song and Priest's cover

A video clip filmed of "Souls Alive", the brand new song:

They made a little version of "Victim Of Changes" (JUDAS PRIEST), in the middle of "A Little Time":

Review by Timo Schade

Timo Schade, the singer and guitarist of German metal band Distant Legacy sent us another review:

At 9.30 pm the band entered the stage of the Live Music Hall Weiher with 'Cross The Line'. Kiske's voice: better than ever! With his unique vibrato he delighted all the fans that were waiting for that moment so much time. The band rocked the crowd and guitarist Mandy Meyer did an amazing job. In the 2nd song Michael grabbed his (e) guitar to play the rythm section in the following songs. After the great ballad 'My Guardian Angel' the band performed their Unisonic premiere. A quite hard rock song with an awesome chorus. Michael didn't memorized the lyrics yet, so he layed the guitar aside and sang sight-read. Between the songs Michael did some jokes. 12 songs were played and the band quit the scene.

There upon a blast from the past: Kids Of The Century. I got goose bumps! Then: A Little Time. What an enchanting show! Accurately Michael reached the high-pitched tones like in 1988. Anyway Michael sang very focused and impassioned. The crowd requested playing again the new Unisonic song. This time with Michael on guitar. For that he invited 2 fans on stage to act as music stand for the lyric sheet. The last song was repeated 'Cross The Line'. The band said good bye and went off the stage.

What an amazing gig! 30 minutes later Michael did some autographs and wasn't reluctant for a small talk or a photo (very likeable!). In my oppinion it was one of the best shows I've ever seen and and a little piece of music history. Thanks Unisonic! We're waiting for the first cd release! And a thank you to Cashi from the Live Music Hall Weiher for that great sound.

Review by Bernhard Daniel

Another fan, Bernhard Daniel commented us:

The Band was in a very good mood, they joked around and had fun the whole Show. The new song is a Killer, it is the song thats in the Unisonic Introduction Video. At the performance of the new one, Michael should play guitar too, but was not sure if he knew the Lyrics, so he sang the song with the text journal in his hands and without guitar.

The bonus songs were 'Kids of the Century' and 'A Little Time', performed in the original Versions like in Helloween. Dennis asked if we want more and so they played the new song again, now with Michael on guitars and me as his personal Music Stand. In my opinion the show was absolutely awesome and I can't wait until I could see them again.


01. The opener "Cross The Line":

Short clip of 02. "I Will Be Gone":

03. "I Will Be Waiting":

04/05. "Set Me Free/My Guardian Angel":

08. "Completely Breathless":

10. "Streets Of Fire":

12. "Follow Me":

13. "Kids Of The Century":

15. "Souls Alive" (Again):

16. "Cross The Line" (Again):