1993-12-23 - Rockfabrick, Ludwigsburg

December 23rd, 1993

Information Helloween at Rockfabrick, Ludwigsburg 1993

This is not a promoting event of "Chameleon Tour" but close to the same dates. This show was a charity concert to collect money for a medical treatment of a young fan. They played with Manowar and more bands.

There is not good information about when played Helloween. As charity show it was not only one show, 2 shows instead. In SupaRed website (actually closed) they had an interactive game where they say that Kiske last show with Helloween was on December 23rd. But I've found a ticket from the show of 22th and Helloween is there. So the easy explanation is Helloween played the two days. The no-easy explanation is Helloween only played on 22th.

This is the last show of Michael Kiske with Helloween.

Setlist Helloween at Rockfabrick, Ludwigsburg 1993

01. First Time
02. Kids Of The Century
03. Crazy Cat
04. When The Sinner
05. Step Out Of Hell
06. Pink Bubbles Go Ape
07. Your Turn
08. Windmill
09. Giants
10. Music
11. Guitar Solo
12. Oriental Journey
13. Future World
14. The Chance
15. Eagle Fly Free
16. Dr. Stein