1993-12-04 - Bunka Taikukan, Yokohama

December 04th, 1993

Information Helloween at Bunka Taikukan, Yokohama, Japan 1993

This is the last show of Michael Kiske of "Chameleon Tour". Without the drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg and with Ritchie Abdel-Nabi on his place. The other two shows were for charity.


Tour diary Helloween Chameleon tour 1993

Tour diary Chameleon tour Helloween 1993This is a tour diary written by the Japanese label (Victor Entertainment) person in charge of Helloween. And it was published on Japanese PureMetal Magazine, December number.

During travelling, everyone, particularly Michael, got really into puzzle links (Disentanglement puzzle). As everyone kept trying it, a tour manager got so annoyed by the sound and almost requested a puzzle-free car for his sound sleep.

They completed the tour at Yokohama on Dec 4th, left hotel next day at 8am to return to freezing cold Germany.

Next album is expected to be released by next summer.

They also added a picture of Michael Kiske with a message for Japanese fans: "I hope you all had a chance to see our show last November. We will start working on our next album and hope to see you again very soon."

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Live Report by BURRN! magazine Helloween in Yokohama '93

Helloween Chameleon tour Yokohama 1993From the dark stage, Michael “Weikie” Weikath started the riff of 'Smoke On The Water' on ad-lib. Audience started to cheer, the lights were turned on to spot the members of Helloween on the stage. 'First Time', 'Kids Of The Century', short MC (RN: talking in the middle of the songs), then 'Crazy Cat'. Band’s performance and Michi’s voice are back now (compared to the 1st show). A comical sound effect at the end of 'Crazy Cat' made audience laughing, and they started to clap along with the introduction of 'When The Sinner'. Michi strode back and forth on the stage, with megaphone in his hand, creating the same atmosphere was in the album. The loose ending of this song was overlapped by the sound of synthesizer to begin 'Step Out Of Hell'. Michi came up to the front of the stage, changing his facial expression comically as always, encouraged audience to sing the chorus. His voice got better, sounding deeper and straight forward. During the first five songs, Weikie, Roland and Markus often spontaneously got together to move the guitar neck up and down in synch at the front stage and around the drum kit. Michi introduced Ritchie and a guitar riff followed to start 'A Little Time'. Michi guided the audience to sing, featuring Markus’s energetic performance in the middle part, then appealed to audience to sing again. The audience’s voice and applause seemed to reach the stage. Michi imitated a weight-lifting move with mic stand, sing, and grinned in the end, and the stage lights were turned off.

At the center of the stage, a light spotted Michi with acoustic guitar, and audience screamed. He played 'Pink Bubbles Go Ape' twice as fast as the original version, and then repeated the last part slowly, and again with his signal he let audience sing the part of 'Pink Bubbles Go Ape'. (At the 2nd day of Tokyo, Weikie started to play the introduction of 'Kids Of The Century' in a perfect timing, and Michi said “We‘ve just done it”. Audience laughed.) Michi started to sing 'Your Turn', followed by his own short acoustic guitar solo, then it continued to twin lead guitar harmony, representing the Helloween’s charm of emotional melody. The ending guitar was overlapped by piano intro, continued to 'Windmill'. A number of thin spotlights were slowly revolved to enhance the atmosphere ,and acoustic part finished with warm cheer by the audience.

Scene changed here. After a short MC by Michi, a big exploding SE (RN: Sound Effect) and heavy riff started 'Giants'. Following Michi’s vocal, Roland and Weikie positioned in front of the drum set playing the heavy riffs in the middle part, and Markus runs back and forth on the stage moving the base neck up and down. From Roland’s lead part, it continued to twin guitar harmony, then Weikie’s lead. Then Michi’s voice came back again as if it penetrated the walls of riffs. Michi held the mic strongly again, bringing out his voice as much as possible, then took a breath with a look of satisfaction.

Next is 'Music', guitar solo by Weikie, Roland spoke a little, then the instrumental song, 'Oriental Journey' started. It continued to bluesy jam session. Michi sang a little bit from behind the stage, and Roland also sang a bit. The jam session continued to 'Future World', and audience spontaneously started the chorus. Helloween have always done anything and everything, both musically and performance-wise. In their show, call and response between stage and audience lifts up the audience, and it pumps up the show. But, to be honest, the flow of instrumental part before 'Future world' may be worth reconsidering. They always create an atmosphere that fans feel the band very close to them, like Weikie speaks up out of the blue or Roland introduces his song on his own, but also atmosphere and tempo that they create for each song was supposed to be the keystone to bring excitement and fun to their show… but... 

'I Believe', that Michi says personally very important song, started. The peaceful middle part consists of synthesizer and guitar dramatically revolved, and Michi’s voice goes high and low powerfully. Then, it continued with 'The Chance', that Roland says speaks for itself. The last song was 'Eagle Fly Free'. Michi comes up to the front stage, swinging both arms up and down like an orchestra conductor, appealing audience to sing along. Helloween’s heavy metal goes on….in applause and head banging.

Nobody can stop or slow down their thoughts to their music. As they said in the interviews, they couldn’t create an exciting flow on the stage. Helloween must have found some clues from this touring experience. It may not be the same with my thought that I couldn’t completely get into it even after the setlist change on the 2nd day. On the other hand, for fans who have truly enjoyed this tour, it may indicate that the clues that Helloween got from this tour may lead them to a different direction (from their liking). But one thing for sure is that Helloween is not a band that only plays 'A Little Time', 'Future World' and 'Eagle Fly Free', but a band with a long career that also plays those songs. After all, the music they create is the Helloween music.

An encore started with 'I Don’t Wanna Cry No More'. Then, Weikie surprised us by playing the introduction of 'Halloween', but it only continued to 'Dr. Stein', and 'Goin’ Home'.

I think that Helloween has showed us who they really are, without pretentiousness. But well… Michi.. when next album is done, and when you come back to Japan again, I believe that you will show us an even better show.

Setlist Helloween at Bunka Taikukan, Yokohama, Japan 1993

01. First Time
02. Kids Of The Century
03. Crazy Cat
04. When The Sinner
05. Step Out Of Hell
06. A Little Time
07. Your Turn (also includes 'Pink Bubbles Go Ape')
08. Windmill
09. Giants
10. Music
11. Oriental Journey - Guitar Solo -
12. Future World
13. I Believe
14. The Chance
15. Eagle Fly Free
16. I Don't Wanna Cry No More
17. Dr. Stein
18. Goin' Home