1993-11-26 - NHK Hall, Tokyo

November 26th, 1993

Information Helloween at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 1993

Here is the first show of Helloween in Japan during the Chameleon tour. Without the drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg and with Ritchie Abdel-Nabi on his place.

Tour diary Helloween Chameleon tour 1993

Helloween Tour diary 1993This is a tour diary written by the Japanese label (Victor Entertainment) person in charge of Helloween. And it was published on Japanese PureMetal Magazine, December number.

On Nov 23rd, Michael Kiske arrived 1 day earlier than the rest of the members, with heavy closes on, saying “It is very warm in Japan”. It is unusually warm this year in Japan, but it seems it is unusually cold in Europe now, with snow above knees in Hamburg too.

On Nov 24th, Michael rehearsed at a studio in Tokyo, and then made guest appearances at TVs and radios, while waiting for other members’ arrival. Urgent information came in on Ingo not being able to come to Japan due to illness, but his come-back will not be so far. Weikath’s friend Richie will cover his spot.

After a day-off. On Nov 26th, the first show at NHK hall. Songs were mainly from Chameleon, which means mostly mid-tempo songs, but Michael did them well. 'When The Sinner' with megaphone in Michael’s hand, 'Oriental Journey' with Roland and Weikath showing their uniqueness, then their specialty 'Future World' and 'Eagle Fly Free'. With the whole audience singing along, they played 'Dr. Stein' and closed the 2 hour show with 'Goin’ Home'.

During travelling, everyone, particularly Michael, got really into puzzle links (Disentanglement puzzle). As everyone kept trying it, a tour manager got so annoyed by the sound and almost requested a puzzle-free car for his sound sleep.

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Setlist Helloween at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 1993

01. First Time
02. Kids Of The Century
03. Crazy Cat
04. When The Sinner
05. Step Out Of Hell
06. The Chance
07. I Don't Wanna Cry No More
08. In The Night
09. Giants
10. Music
11. Your Turn
12. Windmill
13. A Little Time
14. Oriental Journey - Guitar Solo -
15. Future World
16. Eagle Fly Free
___________________ Encore
17. Dr. Stein
18. Goin' Home