1993-09-17 - Pumpehuset, Copenhagen

September 17th, 1993

Information Helloween at Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark 1993

Freak Of Nature was the supporting band.

(R.N. I had this show with a wrong date. A show in Germany at Nordmarkhalle, Rendsburg, Germany, that show didn't exist at least in this date. Perhaps it was cancelled or recheduled.)

Setlist Helloween at Pumpehuset, Copenhagen 2013

01. First Time
02. Kids of the Century
03. Crazy Cat
04. When the Sinner
05. Step Out of Hell
06. I Believe
07. Pink Bubbles Go Ape
08. In the Night
09. Your Turn
10. Windmill
11. Giants
12. Music
13. Revolution Now
14. Oriental Journey
15. Future World
16. The Chance
17. Eagle Fly Free
_____________________________ Encore
18. I Don't Wanna Cry No More
19. Dr. Stein
20. Goin' Home

Live report Helloween in Denmark 1993 by Johan

The night started well, I saw Mr. Kiske walking pass me to the soundcheck, outside the venue. I was so nervous my legs were shaking!! We were some fans shouting "We Love you Michael!" And he said "Thank You" before he went in.

I remember Kiske had his yellow Cycling shorts, and a black leather jacket. Ingo Schwichtenberg was not playing and was replaced by a drummer called Ritchie. Kiske told the audience Ingo was ill in bed. I remember I thought I was the only one in Copenhagen who enjoyed the Chameleon album that night in 1993. Mr. Kiske and the band sounded ok, but when they played 'Windmill', second ballad just after 'Your Turn', some people in the audience "boooed". That was strange. Pumpehuset in Copenhagen is a very small venue with a capacity of 600 and it was not sold out. The feeling was that the fans who was there, only wanted tracks from the Keeper-albums. Helloween tried to change with a new sound but the fans didnt like it at all.  Maybe they shouldn´t have played 11 of the 12 tracks from the Chameleon album. It was too much for the audience. Remember 1993 was a different time, when the young hard rock fans just listened to Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots. I didn´t. I bought all 3 of the tshirts at the merchandise. Those were the days...

Freak of Nature was the supporting band in Copenhagen. The singer was Mike Tramp (White Lion) and he is Danish and he was of course speaking Danish between their songs. They almost got better response from the audience than Helloween did.

Ticket Helloween in Denmark 1993: