1992-08-15 - Maimarktgelände, Mannheim

August 15th, 1992

Information Helloween at Monsters Of Rock 1992, Maimarktgelände, Mannheim

Big festival of "Monsters Of Rock" 1992 tour. Playing with bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Slayer and Skid Row for example.

Setlist Helloween at Monsters Of Rock 1992, Maimarktgelände, Mannheim

01 -  Kids Of The Century
02 -  Back On The Streets     
03 -  Dr. Stein     
04 -  The Chance     
05 -  Goin' Home     
06 -  A Little Time     
07 -  Rise And Fall     
08 -  Pink Bubbles Go Ape     
09 -  Your Turn     
10 - Future World     
11 -  Eagle Fly Free

Live report Helloween at Monsters of Rock '92 by Metal Hammer

MetalHammer magazine, issue September 1992:

Helloween was the last band suffering the awful sounding. The three first songs "Kids Of The Century", "Back On The Streets" and "Dr. Stein" sound like tornados of brutal force, only in the first rows they could hear the voice of Michael Kiske, where he was talking: "We were at studio and when they calling us to play here we only thought, come on' let's wear our work clothes, travel to Mannheim and enjoy!"  Anyway it was like that but with a so awful sounding, how did they can wait a better response by audience? Only a little die-hard fans let's sing "happy, happy Helloween". Kiske tried one and another time to rise up the audience during "A Little Time" and "Rise And Fall" but with that sound it was imposible.

It was a shame. Let's wait people think the guilty was the PA and they don't judge bad to the band, it wasn't their fault.