1989-06-03 - Shiodome Pit, Tokyo

June 03rd, 1989

Last show of "Pumpkin Fly Free Tour".

Audience: Sold out.

MetalHammer magazine, issue #8 1989:

Helloween had one free day off before the last concert and return flight. The free day was used for last minute shopping (kimonos of course!), and excursion to the sea and the beach. In the evening came the last concert. This time not in the hall but in a massive tent right next to an American circus. The circus personnel included a couple of Germans who were happy to meet some fellow countrymen. At last they could speak in their mother tongue and it was exactly that the artists had been missing in Japan. The meeting with them bought Ingo and Markus a rare chance to ride an Elephant. It was an experience the two won't forget in a hurry.

That night at the concert the band gave their all and it was a crazy show, the best of the whole tour. It was rounded off by a small joke that the crew, without the knowledge of the band had invited a few of the circus people including some clowns, who came on stage to surprise the band. It was a fantastic concert, followed by a fantastic party, over which we shall draw a cloack of discretion. Everyone could see how good the party was the next morning, as a completely overtired and exhausted Helloween team arrived at the airport and checked in for their return flight to Germany.