1989-05-23 - Mainichi Hall, Osaka

May 23rd, 1989

Audience: Sold out.

MetalHammer magazine, issue #8 1989:

The band arrived in Tokyo, after a night in a hotel they took the Bullet train to Osaka for the first live gig. During the journey Michael played us a brand new track that Weiki had written just before leaving Germany. Then the boys began talking among themselves and to my surprise, I overheard this snipped of conversation "Which god is my god, and why is my belief different from yours?" The dialogue between Mr. Kiske, Jorn (the keyboard player) and Roland Grapow was taking on a philosophical tone! Just shows you they don't just talk about booze'n'birds in Helloween.

We arrived in a rainy Osaka and they had a lot of free time on their hands, which prompted Michael to use the time for his never ending search for Elvis Presley CDs and what was not possible to find in Germany, in UK and in the US, he found in Japan. "My god, how long have been searching for this!" Happily he showed off the CDs he had searched the world to find.

The show as due that evening and the hall was packed. It was a sell out and the audience reaction was incredible. Thank god the kids didn't notice the technical and equipment problems that Roland the new guitarist, and the roadcrew had to deal with. After the show Roland seemed unhappy and somewhat nervy. Michael Kiske tried to cheer him up with a little story: "Just recently Weiki and I were travelling in a taxi when suddenly it started to stink badly and so I asked him. 'Listen here, have you broken wind?' Weiki energetically denied all. The driver of the taxi had realised what was being discussed and turned round and said 'No man, that's only the catalytic converter' The next time I took a taxi, the same terrible stink arose, and so I asked the driver. 'Hey listen here, this is enough. Has this car got a catalytic converter?' 'Ah no. It doesn't have one...' said the driver... 'I just farted.'" Ingo began to laugh.