1988-10-23 - Docks, Hamburg

October 23rd, 1988

Information Helloween at Docks, Hamburg 1988

Helloween played with V2 as supporting band.

Kerrang! magazine, issue #11 1988:

When I caught Helloween live here at Docks I couldn't help myself thinking that here is a band which is going to be massive. I think there are Kiske/Dickinson comparisons to be made, perhaps as much in appearance and the way they both have an ape-like way of traversing the stage has something to do with sounding similar.

Musically they have a lot going for them. some powerful 'rock opera' arrangements, some excellent, highly melodic twin-guitar passages ('We Got The Right', for example) and a series of attention-grabbing solos, with Weikath pulling out one of quite exquisite lyrical depth in 'A Tale That Wasn't Right' to accompany a sea of flickering match and lighter flames held aloft in the audience.

One ususual aspect was the use of speakers at the rear of the hall that only erupted into action to deliver weighty, taped keyboard chords and an increasingly bizarre series of sound effects. Unfortunately, the volume of said speakers was such that, for anyone standing in the rear third of the venue, the band was almost drowned out by such things as bells chiming and rockets taking off. A very ood deal altogether!