1988-09-24 - Palais Omnisport de Bercy, Paris

September 24th, 1988

Information Helloween at Palais Omnisport de Bercy, Paris 1988

Helloween played with Iron Maiden, Anthrax and Trust.

The Helloween Brasil site, did an interview with Markus Grosskopf in 2013 and he commented about this show:

Markus Grosskopf: "I remember that show, with Trust! did they still exist? I love them.... I like Punk music. I came of Punk music, I started to play in a Punk band, then changed to Metal, that's why I know Trust.

It's great to play in a big stage. We still were a opening band, we didn't have a lot of space on the stage, a lot of lightning, food and beer! (laughs) Thats why I liked a lot! And the members of Iron Maiden were great with us, they were very friendly. They divided the beer, we met after the show and they were with us at the hotel, very nice people."

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