1988-09-18 - Rockodromo, Casa de Campo, Madrid

September 18th, 1988

Helloween played in this date of "Monsters Of Rock" with Iron Maiden, Metallica, Anthrax and Manzano.

Audience: 30.000 people.

HeavyRock magazine issue #62 1988:

After Manzano and Anthrax, Helloween was the next band, and the first one using some lights and runaways in front of stage, before weren't assembled yet.

They show us a few tracks of the new album "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II" but the audience still didn't know them. The rest of the show was more or less the same like the last visit to Spain with "Future World", which I really love "Halloween" and "How Many Tears".

Newspaper El Pais 1988/09/19:

With Helloween, the audience began to throw out energy, which in those kind of shows strangely became in violent confrontations, with the exception of some problems with alcohol. Fist in the sky, some people playing imaginary guitars and covered of a cloud of dust, the audience show up keeps supporting his favourite music with a devotion very difficult to make equal.

Here is the ticket and the backstage pass: