1988-09-17 - Bullring, Pamplona

September 17th, 1988

Information Helloween at Pamplona, Spain 1988

Helloween played in this date of "Monsters Of Rock" festival with Iron Maiden, Metallica and Anthrax.

Audience: 20.000 people.


helloween pamplona 1988Bravo Magazine 1988 (October issue): "The German super-band Helloween is finishing the tour with Iron Maiden through Europe. Later they will start their headlining tour in Germany.

Pamplona was full of enthusiastics of heavy metal, around 20000 fans were in the "Plaza de Toros" with the band. In a packet venue they offered a wild show. Their current tour is another step in their trumph!"


pamplona 1988 helloween i want out videoclipMetal Hammer magazine 1988 (October issue): "Helloween were exposed to crude work in Spain. Two days shooting the video clip 'I Want Out' in the environment of Pamplona for their second single of succesful "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II" LP.  And everything done before their six gig of twelve for this Monsters of Rock festival tour with Iron Maiden, Metallica and Anthrax.

In the second day Michi, Kai, Ingo, Markus and Weiki were for eight hours at impresive bullring "Plaza de Toros" to play in front 20000 fans. The video cameras were ready and disciplined to the show. Earlier scenes were filmed on the terrein near and inside of a factory in Marcilla (Pamplona). The band locked up Michi into a dirty box meanwhile he was singing 'I Want Out' and Markus was submerged in a bath full of soap in their hotel, everything was filmed for the videoclip. The rest of the band was behind the camera and amusing themselves.

After touring with Iron Maiden the hamburgers are ready to start their own tour in Germany, it will be on 10/10 in Kiel."



Here is the ticket and the backstage pass: