1988-08-20 - Castle Donington, Donington Park

United Kingdom
August 20th, 1988

Information Helloween at Donington Festival 1988

Helloween played at Donington Festival 1988 with Iron Maiden, Kiss, Megadeth, Guns And Roses, David Lee Roth, The Bailey Brothers and Neal Kaye.

Blast magazine, issue #12 1988:

Opening the Castle Donington Festival last August for bands such as Guns N' Roses and Megadeth, Michael Kiske, speaking for the band, reports proudly. "The crowd was very good to us. They didn't throw too many things at us, which is the tradition when they don't like you. It's very hard to open that festival." With such a good reception, the band was invited to support the headlining act, Iron Maiden, on their European tour, currently underway. "By the time this is over," Kiske explains, "we will have our album out and probably be able to do our own headlining tour."

Kerrang! magazine, issue #11 1988:

Kai Hansen: "I think it was a lot more than we expected. Maybe we didn't realize at the time how good it was for us, but thanks to the English press we got to know that it was really good. And we sold more T-shirts than Kiss!... And no no no. I don't think we sold more than Maiden!"


Here is the ticket and the promotional poster: