1987-09-28 - Toronto, Ontario

September 28th, 1987

Information Helloween show at Toronto, Ontario 1987

Helloween played with Armored Saint and Grim Reaper.

Kerrang! magazine, issue July 1988:

Michael Weikath: "We were told that when we got to America we would be ripped off and f**ked over real bad, but that simply didn't happen to us. We were accepted from the very beginning, so I would say that it went very well for us in the States considering it was our first tour there.

"Apart from Toronto that is, only 50 people turned up there!"

Michael Kiske anecdote about Toronto

During the Avantasia tour Ghostlights 2016, Michael Kiske tells an anecdote about this show with Helloween. The history is at the end of the video.