1987-08-29 - Messegelande, Nuremberg

August 29th, 1987

Information Helloween at  Monsters Of Rock in Nuremberg, Germany 1987

Helloween played at Monsters of Rock Festival, Nuremberg, Germany with Dio, Deep Purple, Metallica, Ratt, Pretty Maids and Cinderella.

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Metal Rock Magazine 1987 Helloween NurembergMetal Rock magazine, 10th issue number, 1987:

Markus Grosskopf commented to the magazine: "Helloween was in great shape, and stage requirements have proved ideal. These are the conditions, a group needs to transcend itself on stage.

The only inconvenience happened to Pretty Maids. I truly understand that they are in anger, especially when everyone were waiting for them. They are not really famous in this part of Germany, and such an opportunity would have probably provided a good chance to win. When the organizers announced that there was no chance of installing the equipment Pretty Maids by lack of time, we told them that Helloween lent our. Thus, it would have been no delay between the two shows, the bands playing on the same gear. It proved imposible because they use a keyboard. Anyway, this kind of intransigence is unacceptable from an organization of this size."

MetalHammer magazine, 10th issue, 1987:

Like Pretty Maids, Helloween weren't too impressed with the organization behind the German Monsters Of Rock. Michael Weikath: "You would assume that at a huge event like the Monsters Of Rock the organization would be perfect, but that didn't seem to be the case here. Yesterday, in Nürnberg, one of the bouncers kicked me in the stomach. He was fired without pay after I complained. And then look what happened to Pretty Maids. The organizers said that it was up to use, that Pretty Maids could play if we shortened our set. It was either that or the Maids would be blown out. Naturally, we immediately agreed to shorten our set to give them a chance to play, but then the stage manager came and said that the crew couldn't possible make the changes on stage within such a short time, so Pretty Maids couldn't play at all. But we still had to shorten our set while other support bands like Cinderella and Ratt were allowed to play their complete programme."

Helloween have finally matured and it didn't take them long. Their recent mega-buck deal with RCA in America has made them grow - and in a hurry. The minute they hit the stage at the German Monsters Of Rock they were off. As always Markus Grosskopt, that literally means big head in German, was racing around the stage like a nutter belting the living daylights out of his bass. There's no doubt that Helloween have perfected their act and it was a perfect set, albeit in front of a rather partisan crowd.

Naturally, most of the material played was off the Keeper Of The Seven Keys and with 120,000 copies sold in Germany alone it wasn't surprising that the packed crowd knew the lyrics and went ape. The band managed to exude an air of professionalism. Basically, it's the kind of 'no-hogging the-spotlight -when-Mike-is doing-a-solo' choreography. And what solos! Michael Weikath is slowly, but surely, becoming one of the more interesting guitarist around, Helloween are good, no doubt about it. Let's hope that when they hit Japan in November they play as well as they did at the Monsters.

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