1987-05-11 - Hammersmith Odeon, London

United Kingdom
May 11th, 1987

Information Helloween at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 1987 2nd night

The supporting band was Overkill.

Audience: 1.800 people.

MetalHammer magazine issue# June 1987:

The lights went down, the curtain went up and everybone began shouting "Helloween, Helloween" in true Odeon fashion. The intro tape kicked in and it seemed as if any second the curtains would part and there the boys would stand. By the time the curtains opened everybone had stopped clapping and was becoming uneasy. Most people began looking around to see what was up. Finally, they were on. A slow start and more than indicative of what the evening was going to be about. I'm Alive' was the opener and Kai and Michael went into it at a zillion miles an hour. The sound was appalling and continued to be very much a hit and miss affair all night long. Not that the crowd cared. Michael Kiske's voice is superp. His range is remarkable and he can maintain a clear scream the whole gig through. Kiske's biggest problem is that he isn't sure what to do when he's not singing.

Just by watching the audience reaction of 'Halloween', the highlight of the album, it is immediately apparent that this band are popular and are set to do things. Out came the pumpkin balloons the size of a mini and they bounced all over the crowd until numerous cigarettes put paid to them. Two encores over it was time to reflect on the evening. Their material is good, the PA was waful and the band still have a lot to learn about stage choreography - too much time is spent checking what the other guy is doing.

It was a pleasure to see Helloween finally in Britain and I won't have any hesitations about seeing them the next time round. An eveing's entertainment spoilt, through no fault of their own, by a lousy sound system. A band only available on import pulls in 1800 on their debut London gig. Impressive stuff.