1987-04-20 - Flyneles Roches, Douai

April 20th, 1987

Information Helloween at Flyneles Roches, Douai, France 1987

Helloween played with Overkill as supporting band.

Audience: 150 people.

MetalForces magazine, issue #8 1988:

Kai Hansen: "Michael Kiske wrote the song 'Savage' and is the most thrashy song that Helloween have ever done. There's a funny story about this song - in a show in France we were kinda in a funny mood that day, so we were fooling around throughout the show. At some point Michael went up to the microphone and said, 'now we're gonna play a thrash song', so Ingo started hammering out this fast beat and we all just started making a lot of noise on our instruments with Michael shouting 'Savage!!'. This went on for about two minutes, and it was so funny that we said that one day we would have to write a song like that and, well, this is it.

We've really just done this song for fun and to prove to ourselves that if we wanted to play thrash we could."