1987-04-18 - Le Lux, Besançon

April 18th, 1987

Information Helloween at Le Lux, Besançon, France 1987

Helloween played with Overkill.

The Helloween Brasil site, did an interview with Markus Grosskopf in 2013 and he commented about this show:

Markus Grosskopf: "We played with Overkill, we left people sing "Kronenbourg! Kronenbourg!"... I remember the promoter Marlena and the show was great!" Journalist replies: "I don't know if you remember but you were playing football with fans at parking.." Markus continues: "I don't remember being played football... well we played in Paris and Besançon, it was a strike day. I played football!! Please don't tell to my wife, she always wants I would do more sport (laughs)." Journalist: "One year later, some people that you knew at Besançon came to Hamburg to meet during the recordings of Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2." Markus: "Hey, you know everything! you give more answers than me!"