1987-03-15 - Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren

March 15th, 1987

Information Helloween at Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren, Germany 1987

Helloween went to Immenstadt to do the show in Kaufbeuren where they solved the problem with the big Helloween logo they did in the shows before. Finally the logo was cooperating to be anchored correctly.

Helloween played with Overkill as supporting band.

Audience: 1000 people.

Clarification note: In some promo stuff the show was published to be in "Hofgarten, Immenstadt" but they changed the place to "Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren" which is very close. They used the same reserved hotel at Immenstadt but they played in the neighbour city.