1987-03-13 - Gigelberghalle, Biberach

March 13th, 1987

Information Helloween at Gigelberghalle, Biberach, Germany 1987

This is the first show of Helloween with Michael Kiske as vocalist.

Audience: 1.400 people.

In some magazines and Noise publicity with information about this tour, had a mistake with that show. They published in that date they will play in Neu-Ulm at Konzerthaus, but they played in Biberach without any doubt, according the tourbook, tickets and reviews.

Helloween did a very short rehearsal and then they played live with Overkill as supporting band. The show was sold out.

They had a big problem with the big Helloween logo, they had to play without it. Also had a lot of problems with PA-Mixer.

Magazines information about this show

Kerrang! magazine issue #6 1987:

Michael Weikath: "The first gig in Biberach was a total disaster, everything went wrong. The monitors virtually blew up on us, the show was a total sell-out - 1.400 people, and 300 more outside who couldn't get in"

MetalForces magazine issue #22 1987:

Kai Hansen: "Michael was great! In fact Michael was the only really good bit of the whole night because the sound was horrible and the conditions were horrible and we couldn't hear anything we were playing, but Michael was brilliant so that made sure it was a great night."

Ticket Helloween Biberach '87, first show with Kiske: