Christmas Metal Symphony will be Kiskelized

Christmas Metal Symphony 2013Today (2013/07/16) I've got the new about Michael Kiske will be part of Christmas Metal Symphony tour on December 2013. They will make at least 8 shows; Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy, but probably a few more in Belgium and Netherlands at least. The new was published on Vandohalen site, information that got from management site. And like a lot of people thought... what is that? here is the information.

Christmas Metal Symphony band is formed by:

Magnum Opus Rockestra (conductor Marcel Heijnen)
Joost Van Den Broek (ex-After Forever): Musical director and Keyboardist.
Marcel Coenel (Sun Caged): Guitarist
Abel Carnizales (Labirintho): Guitarist
Johan Van Stratum (Stream Of Passion): Bass
Jeffrey Revet (Stream Of Passion): Keyboardist
Koen Herfst (Epica): Drums

And Vocalists for 2013 edition will be: Michael Kiske, Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Chuck Billy (Testament), Joacim Cans (Hammerfall), Udo Dirkscheider (ex-Accept) and Floor Jansen (Nightwish).

To know what songs they could play with Michael Kiske, it's interesting to check old setlists of this project live band. It seems they usually play classics and some covers of famous bands. Take a look to these setlists:

Setlist 2008 Setlist 2009
01. Blood Of Kingu Therion 01. CiR Anthem Magnum Opus Rockestra
02. Victim Of Changes Judas Priest 02. This is Your Life Threshold
03. Son Of The Staves Of Time Therion 03. The Trooper Iron Maiden
04. Passion Stream Of Passion 04. Into The Black Hole Ayeron
05. Out In The Real World Stream Of Passion 05. Nothing Left Delain
06. Enter Sandman Metallica 06. Rising Force Yngwie Malmsteen
07. Paranoid Black Sabbath 07. Painkiller Judas Priest
08. Breaking The Law Judas Priest 08. Thunderstruck AC/DC
09. All We Are Doro 09. Primo Victoria Sabaton
10. I Rule The Ruins Doro 10. Master OF Puppets Metallica
11. Souls Of Black Testament 11. Feuer Frei Rammstein
12. Return To Serenity Testament 12. Fast As A Shark Accept
13. More Than Meets The Eye Testament 13. Animal House UDO
14. Arise Sepultura 14. Balls To The Wall Accept
15. Mountains OF Madness Orphanage 15. Cry For The Noon Epica
16. A New Level Pantera 16. Crystal Mountain Death
17. Cain Tiamat 17. Strange Machines The Gathering
18. Brighter Than The Sun Tiamat 18. War Of The World Jorn
19. When The Smoke Going Down Scorpions 19. Stormbringer Deep Purple
20. My Pledge Of Allegiance N 1 After Forever 20. Rock'n Roll Children Dio
21. Equally Destructive After Forever 21. Angel Of Death Slayer
22. The Evil That Men Do Iron Maiden 22. Our Truth Lacuna Coil
23. Intro Based on The Odyssey Symphony X 23. Nothing Else Matters Metallica
24. Evolution The Grand Design 24. Heaven's A Lie Lacuna Coil
25. Paradise Lost Symphony X    
26. Dawn Of A Million Souls Ayeron    
27. Phantom Of The Opera Nightwish    


In these old setlists the vocalists only sings on three or four songs each, so Michael will not have to sing a lot (unfortunately) and I guess is quite easy to know at least two classics...