Breeze was the first one!

Metal Maniac magazine Kiske 2008In the neverending search of information about Kiske on magazines, I've found something very interesting and new. If I would ask to everything for the first band of Kiske, I'm sure everybody would say Ill Prophecy, well so, everybody (me included) are wrong. The first band of Kiske was Breeze and later it became in Ill Prophecy, but the first name of that school band, created by Kiske and Karsten Nagel was Breeze.

The information was on the Italian magazine Metal Maniac, the issue number 6 (June 2008) which contains a 3-page interview  with Timo Tolkki about Revolution Renaissance, a review of Revolution Renaissance's New Era, and 2-page interview with Michael Kiske about Past In Different Ways solo album.

Kiske said about the line-up behind Past In Different Ways solo album:

"The drummer, Karsten Nagel, is with me since the school! He played with me in the first band that I had, even before Helloween. The band was called Breeze, and later Ill Prophecy, you know that once were so popular these types of names..."

I also got more information about Breeze. In that band Karsten Nagel played the guitar and they had a drummer who started to bother so the drummer left, Karsten took his place on the drums. They also decided to change the band name to Ill Prophecy and they started to search another guitarist through an advertisment on Oxmox magazine.