2014-09-04 - Nagoya Bottom Line, Nagoya, Japan Source 1-2

2014-09-16 23:05
September 04th, 2014
Bootleg title: 
How The Computer Was Unwoven
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Mandy Meyer
Dennis Ward
Kosta Zafiriou
Track list

Information Unisonic bootleg Nagoya Bottom Line, Nagoya, Japan 2014 Source 1-2

Audience recording. Both sources taped by E. Adansuke (Same record device but different micro).

Equipment: H2N Zoom device -> WAV (PCM S16 LE, 44100kHz/16 bit).

This is the master edition, the raw file in one track, not encoded. Master size: 1,59 Gb.

Total playing time: 1 hr 47 min 35 sec

Quality 1-10

Master 1: 7,5 (without any edition)
Master 2: - still not available

Comments about the bootleg

Here is a recording from the 3rd show of Unisonic in Japan. This bootleg is very interesting because they (Kiske) played for the first time live the Elvis Presley song 'How The Web Was Woven' (which was released in Michael Kiske's Past In Different Ways solo album as Japanese bonustrack). Michael played the song meanwhile they repaired the computer which had a problem because of the heat.

Michael sings very comfortable during the whole show even he had to sing a lot of time (90 min) and some tracks which are not easy. He started singing again without any problems 'March Of Time' and not like it happened during the last shows of 2012, the Christmas Metal Symphony and the first festivals in 2014.

Bootleg was recorded from the first rows at the right side. The instruments are well balanced, except the guitars which have a little low volume compared to the others. There is no distortion except in a very special parts but even in double bass songs like 'Your Time Has Come' and 'March Of Time' it is not a big deal.

Artwork Unisonic bootleg 'How The Computer Was Unwoven' Nagoya 2014