2013-12-21 - Volksbankmesse, Balingen, Germany

2013-12-28 11:54
December 21st, 2013
Bootleg title: 
Great Songs for Christmas
Line up
Michael Kiske
Floor Hansen
Chuck Billy
Udo Dirkscheider
Marcel Coenen
Abel Cañizales
Koen Herfst
Jeffrey Revet
Joost Van Den Broek
Track list

Information Christmas Metal Symphony bootleg Volksbankmesse, Balingen 2013

This audience recording is included in the compilation "Christmas In Germany" together with two sources of Bochum show. It is availabe the master file and it includes more songs that the compilation so it has sense to add it even it will be the same source. If you want to check the information, setlist about this show check the personalized file: Balingen.

Audience recording. It was taped by Martin Schwirz (taped from the middle-left). This master recording has not the complete show, its missing the last 45 minutes. The recording is over after 'My Pledge Of Allegiance' with the vocalist Floor Jansen.

The cover artwork is just a visual reference since this is the master and its included (at least partially in the compilation I think it is not needed a new cover.)

Master file:  WAV (PCM S16 LE, 44100kHz/16 bit). Raw file in one track, not encoded/splitted.

Total playing time: 1 hr 03 min 23 sec

Master size: 959 MB.

Quality 1-10


Comments about CMS bootleg Balingen, Germany 2013

This recording sounds good, it is quite similar than the second source of Bochum but I think is a little clear. And it has less distortion.

In this show in Balingen Michael Kiske was almost recovered from the flu because he sang very good. He still had the typical breathin' problems when you've got flu but it was one of his better performances. Specially 'I Want Out' and 'Longing'.

I'm sure this master, could improve a lot with just a little of edition, remaster and level up the volumen. Perhaps the best recording from this tour.