2013-12-18 - Christmas In Germany Compilation

2013-12-26 12:28
December 18th, 2013
Bootleg title: 
Christmas in Germany
Line up
Michael Kiske
Chuck Billy
Udo Dirkscheider
Marcel Coenen
Abel Cañizales
Koen Herfst
Jeffrey Revet
Joost Van Den Broek
Track list

Information Christmas Metal Symphony bootleg Bochum 2013 & Balingen 2013

This bootleg is titled "Christmas in Germany" and it is a compilation CD which includes two shows but 3 Masters (Audience) sources. It contains 2 different sources of Bochum show and Balingen. So there is not a complete show but in spite of this handicap it is very interesting because this is a CD compilation focused in the performances of Michael Kiske.

Songs 1-4: Ruhrkongress, Bochum, Germany Source #1 (2013-12-18).
Songs 5-13: Volksbankmesse, Balingen, Germany (2013-12-21).
Songs 14-16: Ruhrkongress, Bochum, Germany Source #2 (2013-12-18).

The Source #1 of Bochum was taped by Stephan Thor with a H2N Zoom device (taped from the bottom-center). The recording of Balingen show was taped by Martin Schwirz (taped from the middle-left) . And the Source #2 of Bochum was recorded by an unknown taper (from the bottom- half/right side).

If you want to check the information, setlist about these shows: Bochum file and Balingen.

Quality 1-10

Songs 1-4: 7-7,5 (It sounds a little far comparing with Source #2)
Songs 5-13: 7,5-8
Songs 14-16: 7,5-8 (Closer than Source #1, and it sounds a little higher the orchestra and the band.)

Comments about CMS bootleg "Christmas In Germany"

More historic moments recorded. Bochum was the first show in Germany of the Christmas Metal Symphony and Balingen was the last show in this tour of 2013.

Michael Kiske sang 'March Of Time', 'Longing', 'I Want Out'. In the first Bochum show Michael Kiske had serious problems because of the flu. He had problems to sing some parts of  'March Of Time' But he sounded quite nice in spite of this issues. But also some breathin' problems in the other songs but not a big deal. He did a very good performance in 'I Want Out' which was sung with shorter high screams. In the show of Balingen he was almost recovered because he sang very good. He still had a little breathin' problems but it was one of his better performances.

The first source of Bochum show sounds a little far but nice and without distortion. The second source in Bochum sounds with a quite different mix, you can hear higher the instruments of the band and also the orchestra, it also sounds more compact in general. The Balingen show sounds very good, it is quite similar than the second source of Bochum but perhaps is a little clear. And absolute none distortion.

Masters audience CMS in Bochum & Balingen

Related with this bootleg there is also the original 3 masters which were used to make this CD compilation. And here is the personalized information of these three masters. Master files: WAV (PCM S16 LE, 44100kHz/16 bit). Not encoded/splitted.

- Source #1 Bochum show: 515 MB - WAV - 34 min and 01 seconds. (The master include the first 34 min from this show. And the last song is 'Metal Heart' of UDO).
- Source #2 Bochum show: 405 MB - WAV - 26 min and 20 seconds. (Only the Kiske's performance.)
- Source Balingen show: 959 MB - 1 hour 03 min 23 seconds. (Since the beginning until 'My Pledge Of Allegiance' with the vocalist Floor Jansen.)

I'm sure these masters, specially Balingen could improve a lot with just a little of edition, remaster and level up the volumen.