2012-09-06 - Shibuya-AX, Tokyo, Japan V3

2012-11-01 11:13
September 06th, 2012
Bootleg title: 
Another Ride
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Mandy Meyer
Dennis Ward
Kosta Zafiriou
Track list
Disc 2: 


This bootleg is a mix, done of an audience recording and the monitor in-ear version (which is the Version 2). The sound is great but not very different than the other version.

First day in Tokyo (6th) are: Cd 1 and 2 first tracks of Cd 2. The rest of the Cd 2 are bonus tracks recorded the second day (7th). The song 'Future World' - which is twice, 2 days - contains the Kai Hansen guitar solo 'In The Hall Of The Mountain King' and also the Elvis cover in the middle of 'Blue Suede Shoes'.

Label: New Tattoo.
Catalogue Number: NT-535

The label published this statement about this edition:

"Michael Kiske and his partners return on the stage of Japan for two-day concert in Tokyo on 6th and 7th September, this is a production of New Tattoo label, and they did a great mix with well-balanced sound using an audience recording and an in-ear monitor, this is a complete recording of high-quality!

In addition of show of 6th September includes some bonus tracks taken of the 7th day. Japan tour was a great excitement as you can hear in the large chorus done by the audience in the song 'Unisonic', the first song! They played for the first time 'I'm Alive' of Helloween, the ballad 'No One Ever Sees Me', setlist also includes 'March of Time' and the European bonus track 'Over The Rainbow'! Live was very fun and relaxing atmosphere. Michael showed his great voice in top condition."

Quality (1-10):



New Tattoo 4-CD package

Unisonic Shibuya-AX package New TattooThere is a special package 4-CD edition recorded at Shibuya-AX which includes the two days of Unisonic at Shibuya, Tokyo. Contains the same of separate editions.

Label: New Tattoo catalogue numbers NT-535 & NT-536.

Is exactly the same release of "one-day bootlegs", just in a 4-CD package. It's quite cheaper which is interesting.