2011-08-06 - Wacken Open Air 2011, Wacken, Germany ProShot V2

2011-08-20 11:34
August 06th, 2011
Bootleg title: 
Wacken 2011
Line up
Michael Kiske
Tobias Sammet
Jorn Lande
Amanda Somerville
Bob Catley
Oliver Hartmann
Kai Hansen
Sascha Paeth
Oliver Hartmann
Kai Hansen
Felix Bohnke
Track list


Source 1: Pro-shoot (ZDF Tv) + Webcast (NDR).
Creator: Mr. Dingle.

This DVD was taken of live broadcasting of ZDF Kultur German TV channel & NDR Webstream.

The whole audio track was taken of Audio bootleg Version 3, which is the best available.

This production contains the whole show of Wacken Open Air Festival 2011.

Quality: 10/10 (the second part - Video: 8'5/10)


ZDF TV part;
Video bitrate - 6,800 (NO RE-ENCODING, picture quality is exactly the same in original! Just replaced the audio)
Audio - PCM uncompressed wav 48hz & 24bit (NEW & MASTERED)

NDR web broadcast part;
Video bitrate - 9,350
Audio - AC-3 448kbps (MASTERED)

PAL widescreen (16:9/720x576/25fp)

Comments of creator:

I would say that audio is no DOUBT in both versions now 10/10, picture of ZDF tv broadcast is 10/10, on the NDR webstream picture is probaply 8+/10 or 9-/10... includes menus...

NDR webstream contains AC 3 audio on 448kbps (needed to throw audio for AC 3 because I wanted to leave more room for the picture because the webstream was already compressed out from the thing) But I did the AC 3 file from my professional mastering suite, so there´s not really much difference between for ears between it and wav!

ZDF contains same bitrate (didn´t re-encoded it! Just added my mastered PCM uncompressed audio).

There´s also one shit thing on the webstream part of the dvd. There was some digital shit about 15 seconds from the stream on track 'The Wicked Symphony'! But the good thing is that it´s on the intro, before they starts to play & the camera was far from the stage at the moment filming stage... So to make it look better I stopped the picture for few seconds! The audio goes normally from the tape even the picture is stopped! Anyway should not big deal... I´m pretty sure all recorded versions contains some shit from the stream because it was occasionally so frigging stuck because the rush...

Update (NDR webcast upgraded)

The update is in the NDR webcast which contains three freezes. I just rendered out the one VTS file which contains the 3 freezes ('Farewell' & 'The Wicked Symphony').

I taked the few second long parts from different source, no one can´t see now anything... Also I added as a bonus a version of the webstream which contains effects in picture! I blurred a lil bit pixels off, it doesn´t look anymore that pixelate but it´s not that sharp & the picture doesn´t go as smoothly than the raw file.