2011-01-05 - Unreleased Pumpkins Deluxe Box

2011-05-07 16:52
January 05th, 2011
Bootleg title: 
Unreleased Pumpkins
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Kai Hansen
Michael Weikath
Roland Grapow

This bootleg is set into a package of 4 cds.
The box contains the following shows:

CD 1: Gelsenkirchen,Sportsparadies, Germany 6-07-86

1 Intro/Ride The Sky
3.Victim Of Fate
6.Heavy Metal (Is The Law)
7.Metal Invaders

Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, USA 09-10-87
08.A Little Time
09.Twilight Of The Gods
10.Future World
11.A Tale That Wasn't Right
13.How Many Tears

CD 2: First Avenue, Minneapolis, USA 10-20-87

01.Intro & I'm Alive
02.Future World
03.Twilight Of The Gods
04.A Tale That Wasn't Right

Donington Park, Castle Donington, England 08-20-88

06.A Little Time
08.Dr. Stein
09.Future World
10.Eagle Fly Free
11.I'm Alive

CD 3: Winterthur,Eulachhalle,Switzerland 10-29-88

01.Dr. Stein
02.March Of Time
03.Future World
04.We Got The Right
05.Rise And Fall
06.A Tale That Wasn't Right
08.Keeper Of The Seven Keys
09.I'm Alive
10.Livin' Ain't Not Crime
11.I Want Out

CD 4: Cologne, Music Hall, Germany 05-14-92

01.Kids Of The Century
02.Back On The Streets
03.Eagle Fly Free
04.A Little Time
06.I'm Doing Fine Crazy Man
07.Dr. Stein
08.Pink Bubbles Go Ape
09.Your Turn
10.A Tale That Wasn't Right
11.Future World
12.Number One
13.How Many Tears

Mr. Dingle (creator) comments: Radio/Soundboard compilation: (ALL shows digitally remastered)

Well, I just wanted to cleaned up these shows + burn them into same thing! This includes all early hello´s FM/soundboard shows! This "should be" upgrade for all!

Some of the shows sounds now pretty good, and some of them are just much more enjoyable to listen! I don´t start to explain everything I did for them because I did a lot :) Just simply I REMASTERED & CLEANED them up...

Thankses goes to Deathangel & Lelex 666 for upping the original switzerland 88 versions! I builded the Switzerland show from both sources, besides the remastering I combined both audios & fixed tempo & pitch to correct etc. I needed to cut off from the Switzerland show How Many Tears because any of the versions didn´t contained enough good quality version of that, also I needed to cut down Follow the sign... I had from Gelsencirchen 86 show a version which didn´t contained song Guardians.

Anyway this is nice overview through their golden years! If you´re not a big Helloween fan, then this is probaply all you need to download...

Here are the covers of this bootleg: