1993-10-20 - Korean Interview '93

2011-05-05 23:58
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
October 20th, 1993
Bootleg title: 
Helloween Interview '93
Line up
Michael Kiske
Roland Grapow
Track list
Disc 1: 

This is an interview made with Michael Kiske and Roland Grapow in Korea before the release of Chameleon in 1993.

Tv channel where it was released: 14 and 16.

There is two different parts, the first is inside the Tv plato and the second one is out, in a park. They speak about the release of Chameleon.

The other interview to Michael Kiske is from England and he speaks about "Pink Bubbles Go Ape".

Information: -Interview 1993 Duration: 31 min aprox.

QUALITY (1-5): 5

Here is the cover of this bootleg: