1992-08-15 - Maimarktgelande, Mannheim, Germany Version 1

2011-05-07 16:36
August 15th, 1992
Bootleg title: 
Live In Mannheim '92
Line up
Michael Kiske
Roland Grapow
Michael Weikath
Track list

Running Time: 55 Min

QUALITY (1-5): 2

Comments: This concert corresponds to the "Monsters of Rock Festival '92. Helloween was the support band for Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Skid Row, Slayer, WASP, Testament......Helloween only participated in the European Tour from the “Monsters”.

The quality is quite bad, it was shot from the field far away from the stage, and the picture constantly fades away and it has low resolution. Due to the strong wing, the sound goes from regular to bad.

Compared to other concerts the set-list is quite short (as expected in a festival) but it is quite right. It includes more or less the best songs of "Pink Bubbles Go Ape" and quite a lot from the "Keepers."

Here is the cover of this bootleg: