1992-05-10 - Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy

2011-05-06 14:43
May 10th, 1992
Bootleg title: 
Milan, Italy '92
Line up
Michael Kiske
Roland Grapow
Michael Weikath
Track list

QUALITY (1-10): 8,5

Partial show: The first 2 songs (Kids Of The Century & Back On The Streets), Keeper Of The Seven Keys + Guitar Solo and Kiske's talks between the songs are missing, but nothing better than this bootleg ever surfaced yet. No other sources from this concert so far.

The quality is pretty good, a bit muffled but highly enjoyable though. Especially since there aren't many boots from this period of the band! The crowd isn't really annoying, and all the instruments are clear enough.

Here are the covers of this bootleg: