1992-05-01 - Biskuithall, Bonn, Germany Version 2

2011-05-06 00:27
May 01st, 1992
Line up
Michael Kiske
Roland Grapow
Michael Weikath
Track list

Information Helloween bootleg Biskuithall, Bonn, Germany 1992 DVD version 2

Version 2: It has an annoying white lines at the bottom. Bad extraction of VHS.

Duration: 100 Min

Quality (1-10)


Comments about the bootleg

This show was filmed with a camera via a zoom lens with enough definition. Although like the video of Osaka 92, the guy filming seems to shake his hands and at moments loses the focus for a while. In general the image is quite clear when he does the close ups. The sound seems to come from an old radio but the same thing happens with all the shows filmed with an amateur camera.

An interesting incident happens when Michael offers his glass of water to Weiki and they start some kind of a game by exchanging their glasses. All the while the audience chants the characteristic "Happy happy Helloween!!!" In this video, Kiske doesn't make any mistakes during the the song "Mankind" which is brilliantly performed. In one case, the stage is completely out of the range of the camera. Though the shooter continues looking for the members of the band.

Helloween surprises us by playing their majestic "Keeper of the Seven Keys" in an impeccable way. Kiske's voice is at it's best. He doesn’t make a single mistake and sustains the high tones in an extraordinary way. He sings the final refrain of the song with Markus. Though surprisingly enough Michael isn't throwing water at the audience as he always does. Although several times you can see him coming close to the fans in the front row as he gives them glasses of water. During the song "Rise and Fall", Weikath takes Kiske's hand and shakes it. You can't perceive the differences that exist between them. In the middle of "Living Ain't No Crime" the camera blacks out for a brief minute and when it comes back, Kiske appears to be hitting the heads of his bandmates with the characteristic red globes. The show closes with "How Many Tears" which as always sounds extraordinarily perfect.

Artwork Helloween Bonn 1992