1989-05-29 - Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan

2011-05-29 23:33
May 29th, 1989
Bootleg title: 
First Show In Tokyo '89
Line up
Michael Kiske
Roland Grapow
Michael Weikath
Track list


At 99%, the date of that bootleg is 1989-05-29 and there is a chance of 1% for 1989-05-31.

Low generation. Extracted by deathangel

Why this date?: To compare I used "ending mark", listening all the ends of "How Many Tears". In deathangel bootleg, Kiske says: "Thank you, good night, happy happy Helloween". I don't hear that words in any of these shows:


(Also, If you listen "Halloween", they had a problem in the middle 4:18, they stopped, in the middle of the chorus "In the streets on Halloween, There's something going on, No way to escape the power unknown", perhaps the light was cuted... it didn't happen in ANY other bootleg)

It's obvious the show is in Tokyo because Kiske said thousand times. So there are 2 options: 29th or 31

Argues for 29th?:

1. Kiske said: "All right, all right, this is a nice place, isn't it? Man, we played here in 1987... we got 2 shows in Tokyo bla bla bla about tickets for the next day" <--- He said in PAST so he is talkin about '87... then "the last time we got 2 shows in Tokyo, but now we got 5 shows in Tokyo" <--- so my point, that's a statement/explanation to say in the first show not in the third, right?

2. He presented Roland to the audience as it would be the first time. Argues for 31?: Not argues but it's a possibility, there are only 2 options. I would bet my money for 29th. But I'm not sure at 100%.

Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo 29-05-89 <---- this one
Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo 30-05-89
Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo 31-05-89 <------ this one
Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo 01-06-89
Shiodome Pit, Tokyo 03-06-89