1988-09-17 - Bullring, Pamplona, Spain

2011-05-06 00:17
September 17th, 1988
Bootleg title: 
Pamplona '88
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Michael Weikath
Track list


Duration: It depends which version.

Quality: It depends which version, but 9/10 (V3: 8/10)


Version 1: This live  footage was taken from Monsters Of Rock Festival '88 festival. Helloween played with Iron Maiden, Metallica, Anthrax, and Manzano. It's not a full show recording (at least the information I have), only 4 songs and some are incomplete/cuted tracks.

Later, Helloween used a few escenes for the video-clip "I Want Out" taken from the album "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II". It's a official stuff so, the quality is very high, they used 4-5 profesional cameras, two of them on the stage, another one back Ingo's battery and the last one in the top of the venue. According somebody, Weikath commented: "We just got a few action shots, they were filmed by the camera team, just one camera I think..." which is a nonsense because if you see the videoclip you can see at least 4 different angles (5 for me), and he also said "we just got a few action shots" which also fits what my friend Matthew told me the images with Kiske shakin' the arms are not of 'I Want Out' it belongs to 'Dr. Stein'. Well, anyway nice document either the official shooting or MOR festival typical recordings.

There is an audio bootleg with all concert in good quality, but it's an audience recording, different source, in this video the sound is nice. The source is the master VHS or a second generation source.

Version 2: TV mini special for tv news bulletin. Most of shootings of Metallica and Iron Maiden, including signing stuff to some fans at hotel. This version contains only a few minutes of "How Many Tears" and a very little speech of Kiske explaining they will shot the following song "I Want Out" for a new video-clip. Some sources talks about a little comments of Manzano.

Version 3: Three songs available, but I have not more information about that version yet.


helloween pamplona 1988 bravoIn my old Where Wishes Fly Kiske fanclub site and also in earlier ('Jurassic') versions (2.0 V with .tk, even 1.0 .iespana.es/com), I used images of that magazine, Bravo (German edition), October number I guess,  to go with the usual information as I usually does if there is some stuff available to share and to complete the information. Also thanks to nightangel for sending me a perfect scan of that magazine, mine was in poor condition.

If you want to read the information in that magazine issues, check in that event file. My advice always is to check the events and bootlegs through Tour dates section, more easy and friendly looking.



Here is the artwork of one version of this bootleg: