1988-08-20 - Castle Donington, Donington Park, UK Version 2

2011-06-03 20:44
United Kingdom
August 20th, 1988
Bootleg title: 
Monsters Fly Free
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Michael Weikath
Track list

QUALITY (1-10): 8,5

Lineage:  2nd GEN CASSETTE TAPE (Owner Ron Riffchord). Extracted by deathangel.

Comment: This version is a piece of jewelry... if you check the order tracks are different than other versions... is like the "stamp more famous in the world" (it was printed upside down)... it's similar stuff, not so expensive anyway XD The radio program aired the concert in that strange way, song by song.

The comments of DJ were deleted from the audio but sometimes you can hear when he would start talkin'.

The speed is not right, is a bit fast than usual, you only have to check the drums, it sounds like a machine gun XD

Here are the covers of this version: